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Going through all the question banks right now. Scoring around 65%. I am so hoping doing all the questions will help me pass this test on Tuesday. I feel like the questions on this site are hard like NCLEX. Has anyone else... Read More

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    Ok, I have those books too, I just don't have kaplan online q bank.

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    I didn't buy Kaplan's online qbank either...just the book and cd. I wanted to have a variety of questions and rationales to review because our nursing instructor told us to do at least 2500 to 3000 questions and we would pass NCLEX. At first I thought she was crazy but now I can see why she said that. Practice makes perfect. It worked for me.
    Try to stop worrying about your score and just continue to practice the questions and review the rationales. You will get better. BTW--really practice those delegation questions and SATAs. I got alot of those on the exam.
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    Ok I will.... Thanks.
    Back to ncsbn review have a good day hey have you found a job?
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    Yes on the floor i work on now. It is a telemetry floor
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    Was ncsbn kind like NCLEX style questions? U took it today
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    Yes NCLEX questions was similar. loved the NCSBN site. It really helped me.
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    Quote from blynn9173
    Yes NCLEX questions was similar. loved the NCSBN site. It really helped me.
    hey congrats to you. I wish I took the 6wks ncsbn 3 weeks wasn't enough.

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