NCSBN 5 week course review extlearning

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    Hi! Did anyone do the NCSBN extlearning review online? What were your scores? I know NCSBN wants you to have 75% on each lesson. Are you reviewing all the materials before taking the post exam? If you completed a lesson, did you go back to retake lesson to improve your score? Did answers change or were they same ones? Did you think NCSBN were similar to NCLEX style questions? How many lessons did you do in a day since its only 20 q's but a bunch of material to review?

    P.S. Is there SATA in NCSBN anywhere on the lesson plan?

    Any suggestion....thank you! Sorry for so many questions here.
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    hi assess&safety 1st,

    i am waiting for my att next week. i did not pass my first time. and, i am so stressed about the 2nd time. i want to pass it soo baad.
    yeah i took kaplan before i took nclex the 1st time. it works for some people but didn't work for me because i didn't discipline myself enough. and i don't really like how the kaplan book is organized. after i found out i failed the 1st time.

    this time i used lacharity and i finished it. and, i signed up to ncsbn ext. learning (5 wks). i love ncsbn, i really think those questions remind me of the nclex.
    i scored in pretest: 66%
    lesson 1 management of care: 75%
    lesson 2 infection control: 1st 65% then 2nd 95%
    lesson 3 health promotion and maintenance: 60% i will do it again

    i would like to post my review here! i am trying to stay positive with everything i do but it seems like my life is becoming harder and harder every day which makes it more interesting and challenging!
    i need to your supporting comments : )
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    Aug 5

    lesson 3 health promotion and maintenance: 2nd try is 75%
    lesson 4 Psychosocial Integrity: didn't finish it yet. I am halfway through it

    Have a nice day!
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    [font=book antiqua]hi rn1mid,

    how are you doing? i am doing the same as you.

    lesson 1 - coordinated care 75%, 7-25-12, 20q ok
    lesson 1 - coordinated care 75%, 8-4-12, 20q ok

    lesson 2 - safety and infection control 45%, 7-25-12, 20q
    lesson 2 - safety and infection control 70%, 8-4-12, 20q

    lesson 3 - health promotion and maintenance 65%, 7-25-12, 20q
    lesson 3 - health promotion and maintenance 75%, 8-4-12, 20q ok

    lesson 4 - psychosocial integrity 60%, 7-26-12, 20q
    lesson 4 - psychosocial integrity 80%, 8-4-12, 20q ok

    lesson 5 - basic care and comfort 60%, 7-26-12, 20q
    lesson 5 - basic care and comfort 60%, 8-04-12-12, 20q

    lesson 6 posttest (for all lessons 6a-6c) 55%, 7-27-12 20q
    lesson 6 posttest (for all lessons 6a-6c) 75%, 8-5-12 20q ok

    i'm writing down everyday i do during the day so i can see where i need to focus on.
    lacharity is my next book. i do like reading the ***** notes from here its 35 pages and
    very helpful and it has helped me answers questions too, yah! its all about sharing and helping
    everyone with the all**** pages of 35.
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    [font=book antiqua]have you found an sata apply on the ncsbn lessons?
    i have not ......
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    I had 3 to 2 SATA in each quiz. It's like the NCLEX. Ask the system about it.
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    Just signed up for the 3 week review I hope I like it. I must have done close to 5000 questions so far lol
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    You like it? When you i sign up for them? When i finish reading my saunders and answering the questions that i have
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    Hi guys,
    How is your studying?!

    Lesson 4- Psychosocial Integrity/ 1st: 50% 2nd: 85%
    It was very difficult and confusing

    I am also trying to keep my mind away from negative thoughts. And, I found the solution to get rid of it. Two steps:
    1- Flee
    Don’t pay attention to negative thoughts and don’t argue with them. Just flee and run away! Leave all those negative thoughts and go.
    2- Fill :spin:
    Fill your mind with positive thoughts. This is one reason why having a quote of the day is a good thing.

    So, my quote of the day:
    "When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you
    do not change your decision to get there."
    -Zig Ziglar

    See ya!
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    My ati scores range from 70-80, ati questions seem so much harder than this and yet my scores for this are very low. Ugh
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