NCLEX "what should the nurse follow up" Q

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    I took NCLEX yesterday, i answered 265 questions!!! 100 of them are like "what should the nurse follow up"Im confused wheather i should look for a Correct statement, incorrect, or a priority question or which patient need the nurse first! That test was sooo hard. -.-I tried the PVT and i didnt get the good pop, but i just want to clear my head on those questions. Any tips on how you guys 'attack' these questions

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    If I remember correctly there are bold words before the word "follow up" those word in bold should point you into the direction of what the question is asking

    need for further




    The information (however gray it may be) before the bold words above is the information you base your answer(s) on. Good luck next time
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    What would you follow up?" means there is something wrong/negative that you want to intervene or closely watch the situation. Good luck
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    I have the same dilemma when I took my exam. It is really confusing.
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    Me too..i need some clue

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