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I am scheduled to sit for the NCLEX tomorrow morning at 9:30am. I have been reviewing for about two weeks using ATI and Saunders. I do not feel prepared at ALL for this test. My question is, does anybody ever feel completely... Read More

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    Wow. I had no idea it was a possibility to get 75 SATA questions. Yikes!

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    Okay, I took my test this morning. The first 15 or so questions were super easy and then BAM! I got 12 select all that applies almost straight in a row! I don't feel confident at all that I answered any of those questions correctly. So anyways, I took a few deep breaths and kept on going. Next thing you know I am on question 52 and notice that I keep getting the type of question that requires you to pick the priority patient to assess. That went on up until like the last 5 questions. I looked up to see how many questions were left and was terrified. Those last five questions went so fast! The screen shut off on me. All I could think was, "Is that really the end?" I walked out of the testing center at 10:10am...I started just before 9am.

    So from 10:10 up until 1pm I was trying the Pearson Vue trick like every 10-15 minutes and finally got the "good" pop-up, "You are already scheduled to take an exam. Please contact your board of nursing yada yada yada"

    I am so happy and on the verge of tears on the inside (tears of joy) but am optimistically holding them back because I want to know the definite result.

    So now and probably every 15 minutes up until it changes, I am looking for my name to pop-up on the board of nursing website.
    Thank you to all who were hoping and praying for me and for all of the advice!
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    Congratulations!!!!!! I took my nclex today also at 8am (I am not a morning person) and mine also cut off at 75 questions!!! Lots of priority, 13 sata, and about 6 drugs!! I zoomed thru that test and that was kind of scary! I knocked out the first 56 in about 30 mins!! I got home and did the PVT and I received the good pop up! I've checked it atleast 5 times today and it still shows the same pop up!!! Congrats again!!! We did it
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    Congratulations!It's hard to believe that it's done though! I'm not doing ANY celebrating until I see my name on the board of nursing website though.
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    I also took my exam today at 200 pm! Got to start early since their were open chairs when I got there. I took 80 questions with 12 SATA, 2 drag and drop, 1 EKG strip, 2 math problems and the rest was who would you see first! I finished my exam in just over an hour and left there asking myself what did those questions just ask me. I either felt very confident when I answered or was confused as to what the question was asking.

    I got home 30 minutes after I finished and logged on to pearson vue and got the presummed good pop up! Fingers crossed! I will not find out until Monday if I passed but I will keep the faith! My new job depends on me passing and I will be devestated if I am not able to keep it! Congrats to everyone today! I'm lost right now not sitting with my book in my lap reviewing NCLEX style questions!
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    Congrats !!!
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    Congratulations! Hoping to get the same "good pop-up" results after I retake on March 9.

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