NCLEX Tomorrow Morning (2/2)

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    Tomorrow is judgement day for me. I'm so nervous. Send some good vibes my way!

    Good luck to all my fellow NCLEX takers
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    Best of luck to you!! You've got this :-D
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    Good Luck!!! I'll pray for you!!!!
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    good luck to you. you'll do great.
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    wish u very best of luck for tomorrow...just relax and keep praying!!
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    good luck mine is the next day!!! sending you good vibes from wyoming:heartbeat
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    Good luck to you
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    Good luck you got this RN!!!!!
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    My test shut off in 75 questions, took a little over an hour, and I felt like a complete idiot after! However, I just tried the PVT and it wouldn't let me re-register. Good sign right?
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    @ the OP. I took mine today too. I also did the PVT and got the good pop up. I'm hoping it doesn't change and we passed. =/
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