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I take my NCLEX tomorrow, first time. Going to review labs and maybe some meds tonight. Always did well in school, never failed anything, no Cs, always 1000+ on HESI tests, been using saunders to... Read More

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    Quote from tigerita
    Stay calm during the test and try not to look at what question you are on. Remember that NCLEX selects random students to get the entire test, so don't freak out if you end up having to go through the whole thing! This happened to several people in my class. Also, go with your gut answer. There will more than likely be more than a few questions where you can't really narrow it down, and you should expect that but if you go with your gut answer you'll likely get it right. Good luck!
    1- They (the NCLEX people) do not randomly select people to give the entire test to... It is a computer adaptive test. Therefore how you do on the exam determines when the exam will end... You do exceedingly well (above the passing standard) for a determined period of time and you will pass sooner... You get below a set standard for a period of time and you will fail sooner. If you do happen to get 265 questions the computer program can't say definitively if you've passed yet... So it lets you continue until 265 and determines in that time whether you passed or failed. Yes you can pass or fail in 265 but people randomly getting 265 just because is a complete and total fallacy. 2- I do agree with the poster that you should go in confidently and relaxed. It doesn't matter if you pass in 75 or 265... No one will know and you will still be a RN!!! To the OP I can empathize with your situation. I had two interviews (one for my dream unit, NICU and the other BMT) the Wednesday and Friday after my NCLEX (Monday). So I can attest to the extra pressure you are feeling. However, like my hubby told me... 1- I didn't even get the job yet... So stop thinking by failing boards I somehow lost it and 2- this is a minimum competency exam and I was more than minimally competent. He always has more confidence in me than I do/did in myself! But good news, I did pass and did get my dream job (been on orientation for a couple of months)... So it can happen! Good luck, wishing you the best on boards and on your interviews.
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    Thanks everyone! Got the good pop up, but I will feel better once it is official.... Felt like I failed it but I also had hope in the fact I know I got the last question right.
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    Quote from ivikatasha
    Thanks everyone! Got the good pop up, but I will feel better once it is official.... Felt like I failed it but I also had hope in the fact I know I got the last question right.
    Me and you both. I walked out feeling like I failed but got the good pop up but will feel so much better when I actually see my name. Congrats to you
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    I passed today with 75 questions in a little over a hour!! Yeah buddy!!!!
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    congrats to all of you....
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    Congrats to you all!