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So bright and early tomorrow i have my exam...had a terrible migraine today that landed me in bed for several hours. Feeling much better now, bright eyed and bushy to force myself to... Read More

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    Thank you all for your congratulations ..i will let you know tomorrow when i check bon or the quick results.

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    Nclexites....know the common conditions...and once you plan to do the nclex...get pda by lacharity!!!
    It is a must...dont take the case studies for granted! And ncsbn as much as you can!
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    hi odeth, I saw you used NCSBN, how was that? I am doing that, plus some Kaplan Q Trainers.. I take it again in a few weeks..
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    It found it quite helpful, the questions are similar to nclex. I didnt read all their content but i zeroed in on procedures and infection control. I think it really helped me to ace the nclex..
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    Gotcha. What types of questions did you have? Not sure if all the states have the same type of questions. I stay in Florida.
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    Im in florida too..lots of priority..psychiatric and lots of sata.
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