NCLEX today!

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    Taking my NCLEX this afternoon!! Nervous. Please fellow nurses/students keep those in mind (and prayer) taking it today. The favor will be returned and appreciated!
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    All of the best to you! Praying for you.
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    Go in with confidence, go with your gut and ask God for knowledge. I will keep you in prayer this afternoon, you are going to do GREAT
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    go in with confidence and with the lord. i prayed and asked for guidance for majority of the test and he answered my prayer. relax and don't freak out no matter how many question you get.

    good luck
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    Thank you, thank you for your prayers. Also, did anyone take the exam Friday and find out the next day? Many of my classmates that have taken it, find out the next day, however, with tomorrow being Saturday, I am not sure. ?? Thanks again for prayers and support.
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    I hope everything went well... I know you can do it!!!
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    I also took my NCLEX today and got the good pop-up when I got home! I seriously started crying. It's SUCH a relief but I still need to see it on paper to REALLY believe it.
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    Congrats!! What type of materials did you study with?
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    I took the nclex today and got the good pop upbut i am still nervous and would like to know since today is friday will i be able to get the quick result tommorow. thanks
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    Quote from jewls67
    Congrats!! What type of materials did you study with?
    Thanks! I mostly used the Q bank from Kaplan but also Saunders for content, LaCharity and Poorman. I had a lot of prioritization, about 10 SATA, ONE med math (I expected a lot more), a few med questions but I was familiar with all except one, one put in order question, about 3-4 questions where they asked something and the answers were just pictures but I can't think of the specific name for that type of question. Definitely know endocrine, I had a lot of diabetes, thyroid and ESRD questions. There was also a good amount of GI too. Good luck!

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