Nclex Scheduled In 6 Days...Help!!

  1. I Have My Nclex Scheduled For 6 Days...
    I Have Been Doing Kaplan Q Trainers 1=48% 2=46% 3=45% and 4=51%
    I was never an A student in school but i was wondering what people think my chances are for passing!
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  3. by   winxwinnie
    They say if you get 60% or more then its a good sign. U might want to analyze the tests and see what your weak areas are.
  4. by   ntrlflight
    Dude not to bum you out, but my scores were closer to those recommended by winxwinnie, I took my test last friday and had one of the most egregious failures of my nursing career thus far. Like you, I was never a solid A student. I was however, a solid B student, I had 58% averages in all of my practice exams through Kaplan, i practiced, re-mediated and still failed. Be cautious and over prepare.
  5. by   MadelineRoseRN
    Though your scores are a little low, don't lose confidence! I used Kaplan to prep for the NCLEX and I felt the same way. I was discouraged at first because my scores were in the high 40s/low 50's but once I started really getting used to using the decision tree, my scores got better. Make sure no matter what you finish ALL the question trainers. Do as many Q-bank questions as possible.. I think I did a little over half of them. Don't spend so much time reviewing material as much as mastering the Kaplan decision tree. Of course review the info you are really weak on, but remember you just went through nursing school. Though it may seem like you don't know much, you know enough! Most importantly, go into the test with confidence that you prepared enough. Practicing question after question on Kaplan is the best way to do it!
  6. by   Kin7906
    ahhh so sorry about the fail i know it has to suck but the good thing is we can always prepare some more and try again right? thanks for the advice though! looks like its go time until tuesday!!
  7. by   odeth1
    It is discouraging when you are not doing well generally. I failed my nclex first try. I am now awaiting my att so i can reschedule my test. Thing is, we just cant give up.
    If you need to cover content then do that. I am using feuer nursing audio then i use their homework guide with questions. I needed to work on that i have done that i am better able to answer questions.
    I hope we all pass our boards so we can have self actualization that maslow spoke about...
    Please send me info on how i can do the kaplan test trainer. I have a kaplan book i bought sometime ago...thanks..
  8. by   odeth1
    I was always a B student,but i have learnt that no one was born with knowledge therefore we have had to learn all we know..with that said if i wrk hard enough..B's become A's.
    We can do it...yes we can!
  9. by   Kin7906
    Quote from Kin7906
    I Have My Nclex Scheduled For 6 Days...I Have Been Doing Kaplan Q Trainers 1=48% 2=46% 3=45% and 4=51% I was never an A student in school but i was wondering what people think my chances are for passing!
    My teacher always told me A students do not make good nurses... The C students do!! But I signed up for the Kaplan review course!
  10. by   odeth1
    You will do well. You still have some time..dont be discouraged...keep going.
  11. by   davi000
    just wanna say GOOD LUCK . some times we prepare a lot but still dont pass but you never know the ques you will get may be you know the answers.