nclex-rn test plan 2013

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    hi everyone,
    what month in 2013 does the new nclex-rn test plan become effective?

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    Does anyone know what changes there will be?
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    Will it be easier? Harder?
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    I've heard harder
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    Hi everyone!! I've heard that the NCLEX gets updated by next year and it was last updated this 2010. I've read the changes that were made in 2010 increase in passing rate, more management question and decrease in questions of risk potential. Does anyone know what the changes are for the 2013 NCLEX exam? I went to the NCSBN website, i haven't found anything about the updated Nclex. Hope I can exam before April. Thanks guys for any response =)
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    Hey everyone I've been doing some research and look what i've found! Looks like management, safety and infection went up.
    Content Area Client Test Plan Category 2010 Proposed 2013
    1 Management of Care 16-22% 17-23%
    2 Safety and Infection Control 8-14% 9-15%
    3 Heath Promotion and Maintenance 6-12% 6-12%
    4 Psychosocial Integrity 6-12% 6-12%
    5 Basic Care and Comfort 6-12% 6-12%
    6 Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies 13-19% 12-18%
    7 Reduction of Risk Potential 10-16% 9-15%
    8 Physiological Adaptation 11-17% 11-17%
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    Jeez, I heard it'll decrease the chance for passing in about 5% of the takers. Good luck to us!
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    Here's detailed info on NCLEX test plans. I read these before taking my exam and it really helped me formulate better study habits and also developed a plan to study smarter.
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    April 1, 2013

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