NCLEX RN stopped at 75 questions! :/

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    I went in yesterday and took my NCLEX RN in CA. It took me 45 minutes and 75 questions.... the worst part is when asked by family and friends if I remember if I felt good about the questions, I seriously cant remember...its like I suppressed the entire episode all together. I went home after work and got the good pop up "test has already been scheduled, please contact your board" and tried again today and got the good pop up again, but still don't quite feel confident enough to stop stressing out, in CA you have to wait 2 weeks to a month (I've heard it pops up online in a week or so). If anyone has any stories or info to help calm my nerves i would really appreciate it HERE'S HOPING WE ALL PASS!
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    Oops i meant good* about the questions haha
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    Hey there,
    Im in California also. Some of my classmates found their names on BON in as little as 2 days to 1 week and a half. They all did the PVT also. I've done the trick more than I care to mention!
    I'm praying and hoping for us! JUst need the official results and I can eat cake and ice cream!!!
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    Here's to us! Haha my wife makes fun of me because i have checked pvt a TON
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    You Passed ..
    Go celebrate :spin:
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    Thank you so much! Im tying i sure wish i remembered the questions i took.
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    I got the same pop up message.. Our record indicate bla bla bla.. is that what you got too?
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    Yep, and from what i understand its the good one! Theres either the pop up that says ur results are on hold (i think that just means that the results arent one yet), the one saying that you recently scheduled the test (the good one) and when it goes straight too credit card (bad sign) 0....were good it seams
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    I really hope.. can't wait to get the unofficial result saying I passed. God bless to us.
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    eventhough i didn't get a lot of SATA? As far as i remember I only got less than 10 SATA, 3 pictures, 1 drop. The rest were Priority, infection, peds, ob, psy, AND TONS of MEDS. I really hope and pray I passed. This is my second attempt and I feel like I'm in denial trying to try the pvt over and over and the same message is showing..

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