Nclex RN january 2017 - page 63

This post is for all those who are taking their nclex rn in january. How are u guys with your review? What materials are u using? Lets encourage each other. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   katikati
    NCLEX Mastery on the phone, its 30$, do all of them and understand it- it was amazing, and HURST review. Do it, and understand it. I got to question 167, and passed cuz I knew I nailed the last my results three days later, was on my flight to australia and got to respond to an inflight emergency as the only was amaaaaaaazing!!!
  2. by   JmhATL
    It's been a while since I've been online because I was studying like crazy and I'm proud to share I passed the NCLEX! I tested Friday, Jun 16th at 2:00 in New Orleans and received my results Monday, June 19th after paying the $7 fee for quick results. I couldn't wait to share the news and I also decided to accept a job offer at the New Orleans UMC , which is a Level 1 hospital in my dream location ICU! God truly blessed me and although I won't be moving to Atlanta right now, I'm praying after getting a year of experience I'll be fortunate to get an offer at Piedmont next year.

    I'm cheering everyone on that hasn't taken their exam yet. Good luck, I started my new job this week and have no doubt we will all be great compassionate RNs soon!!!
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