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hello all,:uhoh3: i am writing my nclex-rn tomorrow 3/15/10 for the 2nd time after 1 yr of failing my 1st attempt. please keep me up in your prayers and good luck to all writing their exam tomorrow too and in the future. god... Read More

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    Good luck on the exam tomorrow. I have said a pray for all you. Think positive

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    Goodluck!!! You can do it!!! God bless!
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    Best wishes to all who are taking their test this week. Remember to try and relax when you enter the test center and think good thoughts while testing. Also, read questions twice before answering.
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    Good Luck to all of you!
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    just got home from the testing center,had 75 questions a lot of prioritization,6 satas,delegations,infection control and meds but i have no computer shut down with the priority question...hoping to pass the exam...
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    i tried the pearson vue trick 6 hours after i took my exam,this is the message that i got from the website when i tried to register again "Our records indicate that you have recently sceduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time" any input on this?thanks
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    Finished my exam @0925 with 75Questions. Tried the PVT trick and I got the pop up!
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    I did the Trick and I got the Good POP UP....... So I'm Patiently waiting now!
    I had 145 questions, it took me about a hour and 45 min....Cant wait for the official Quick Results!!!!!!
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    I got the good pop up, so im just awaiting official results!!!!
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    hello all,

    i just got home from taking the nclex-rn. the computer stopped @ 168 questions. i had a lot of meds, satas, infection control and endocrine disorders. anxiously awaiting the results. thank you so very much for all your prayers and good luck to all of you taking your nclex. god bless, di

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