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Hi there, I graduated from an ADN program back in 2015. Just to give you a time line of my NCLEX Attempts: LPN FAIL LPN PASS RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL RN FAIL... Read More

  1. by   elitekunbi
    Hi Meassa. Congratulations!!!!!. Pls i need your assistance on tools to study. Im planning to do mine in March. NCLEX RN.
  2. by   meassa
    Hi guys. I am getting hundreds of emails so I am doing my best to get back to every single person. Thank you for your patience!
  3. by   outofideas
    Hi everyone, I too have taken the NCLEX RN 8 times now and graduated back in 2010. Took it again on February 20. Tried the pearson trick that gave me a good pop up but I don't really know if it works, it won't allow me to register again. Afraid to do quick results.
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  4. by   keke945
    I probably went through Uworld at least 3 times. I told my friend to do the same and she passed too. But realistically not every study program is for everyone. I just noticed because I did Kaplan, NCSBN, Uworld, and the 2 week trial of Hurst that the program that was most similar to the NCLEX was Uworld. Definitely don't give up. I used Uworld on the 3rd attempt and passed with 75 questions. I was happy but frustrated because if I knew how great Uworld was I would have used it the first time. There was actually a question on the NCLEX that was word-for-word the same as one I saw on Uworld.
  5. by   Gracieboo
    I took the test on 2/28 & just know I failed like I know I did. I had all 265 questions. I'm so depressed. I did do the PVT with the incorrect expiration date for my cc & got the "good pop up". But I don't feel any better bc I don't think the pvt is real
  6. by   meassa
    From what I have heard, people that do the PVT correctly and get the good pop up end up passing. I have not heard of anyone who got the good pop up and failed. But then again it is just a trick...but every time I ever did it, it was accurate. Who knows

    Good luck .
  7. by   divz14
    I take the NCLEX-RN on February 28 @8AM Philippine Time! I am a foreign educated nurse and the computer shut off at 75. It is my first attempt and I used Saunders Comprehensive Review 7th edition, La Charity Prioritization Delegation and Assignment, and UWorld for 30 days. After I received the email from Pearson Vue, I did the trick up to 48 hours after and almost every hour I am doing the trick to make sure it is still good pop out! Today! I am officially USRN!!
  8. by   joLPNtoRN
    Would you say that the NCLEX questions were like the practice questions that are available?
  9. by   meassa
    I actually had a few identical UWORLD questions