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Hello everyone. I was on this site a while ago when I was studying, I took the NCLEX and I failed. I had noticed there was a review going around the site. If anyone has access to this review can... Read More

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    Allnurses has a search feature in the upper right hand corner that if you type in NCLEX review in the que box you will find this document as well as many other that have helped nurses pass NCLEX.......this document however can be found in this thread
    Passed my NCLEX-RN! My NCLEX review material tips.

    and here

    and here

    This way you can start studying earlier instead of waiting for someone to send you this study guide that another member created.

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    About the review going on!! Please. Can you email me about the review you guys talk about on may 1? May email is
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    Quote from clemenine
    About the review going on!! Please. Can you email me about the review you guys talk about on may 1? May email is
    The review is linked in the post above yours.
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    Did anyone seem that the 35 page review was helpful for nclex ?
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    You can type in the search box..and you'll see it..also look at a few previous posts before's posted
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    Had anyone used it and found it helpful for nclex
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    hi syalissa may i ask if you can send it to me too?

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