NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks - page 8

I had planned to take the exam mid-November (2012) but that didn't go as planned. My registration expires soon so I will be taking it in 3 weeks and I am hoping I will pass this time around. I am currently studying off of... Read More

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    Hi Deevaa, could you please email me the 50 pages . My email address is thanks

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    hi will u please send me the 50 page review. my
    email is THNX!
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    Congrats glad that you passed and good luck
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    Hello, Can somebody forward me those 50 pages!Please!
    I really appreciated!!!
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    Deevaa..would soo appreciate getting your 50 pages to study with on LPN testing...thanks a
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    Hi deevaaDo u mind sharing your 50 pages of review, need to retake pn test, my email
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    hey can you email me the 50 pages review too
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    I take my test this Friday and I have Been studying exam cram 3rd edition and I am still freaking out my school held me up for six months on taking my test and I am looking for any extra help...could I please get a email of the study guide my email is please any advice
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    Please, me too!!! My email is

    Thank u!!!
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