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  1. labnurs

    Medical Prep Institute of Tampa LPN-RN Jan 2015

    Yes I'm looking into the Jan 2015 class. I would love to be done in 10 months!
  2. labnurs

    Medical Prep Institute of Tampa LPN-RN Jan 2015

    I am also looking into this program. So far what I've found out is that they don't offer financial aid, but the program isn't all that expensive (around $9000), when compared to other private school options, and they have some reasonable payment plans. They have several starts throughout the year, and will incorporate pre-req's not taken into the program. I'm considering the program but I'm having a hard time finding feedback from anyone who has completed a program there. I believe their RN program is fairly new. Any feedback one someone who has actually attended the school would be great.
  3. labnurs

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    I have received it.Thanks!
  4. labnurs

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    I would also like the review if someone wouldn't mind sending it. I'm taking the nclex-pn this week.. lindsayboxer1@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. I've been searching all day on this site and I'm almost afraid to ask this question based on the forum battles I keep seeing. Anyway, I'm having a bit of a dilemma. My nursing career "dream" is to work in an ICU. I know I would burn out quickly working in a nursing home or other LTC. I'm all set to start an LPN program in January. My eventual goal is to do an RN bridge program. However, when looking into bridge programs, I kept coming across LPN/Paramedic to RN programs, and it got me thinking. Would having an EMT-P as an RN help me secure employment in an ICU? Would the pay be better if I'm an RN with paramedic certs? When it comes down to it, it's the same amount of time in school. Maybe a little less depending on the paramedic program I pick. There are a few other considerations, but I wanted to know if, given my eventual critical care goals, if I should really be considering the Paramedic route?? help
  6. Hi All! I decided to enroll in an LPN program in Ohio. I live in Michigan but we have a very limited selection of nursing schools here, and most are very difficult to get in to. So now I'm going to finish the LPN and enroll in a bridge program. Seems to be an easier way for me. I literally investigated every LPN program in Ohio and came up with a few top picks, based on cost, entrance requirements, etc. I ended up only applying to one because I was accepted almost immediately. So I'm scheduled to go to the LPN program at Collins Career Center near Ironton, OH in January. The tuition is only around $6500 and the program is just 13 months. It's sorta in the middle of nowhere I think, but since I can pretty much move anywhere it doesn't really matter. I plan to visit the area in October. Anyway....I figured I would post here to see if anyone has attended the LPN program at Collins recently (or not so recently). I did a search here and the school was mentioned in 3 or 4 posts but no real info or reviews. So if anyone knows anything about the school, please post your experience and/or knowledge. Thanks in advance!
  7. labnurs


    You said you are relocating so I thought I would mention this... If you're relocating from another state your tuition will be higher than what other's have mentioned. I am also considering relocating and I'm from another state. I inquired to the Broward Technical schools (McFatter, etc) and the tuition for out of state is almost 3 times as much. It's not specified on their web sites, so I contacted them. Specifically at McFatter, it would be about $14000 for an out of state student. They offer financial aid, but only in the form of the Pell grant. No federal student loans so unless you can get private loans, only about $5500 (if you get the entire pell grant) would be covered by financial aid. I'm in Michigan, where there are very few LPN schools and most are either extremely difficult to get into to, or very expensive (Everest is around $30K), coming up with $10k (after financial aid) still seems like a good idea considering...
  8. labnurs

    NURSING - over 55? age discimination? or not?

    As someone who's been in HR/Recruiting for 15 years and recently started the path to being an RN, I can offer you the same advice that I would give any "older" applicant. First, remember that your resume is a snap shot of your experience, NOT your life story. Meaning, you should really only include the last 10-15yrs experience if possible. If you've had 3 jobs as a CNA since 1995, then I really don't need to see the jobs you had prior to that. Do NOT put school dates on your resume. It's not relevant to state when you graduated or got a certificate, just that you did. They may ask you later for verification purposes, but at that point, they are getting ready to hire you. When you go in for an interview, talk about long term goals and do NOT talk about how many more years you plan to work or anything about retiring. If you are asked about it, just say that you are looking for a career position. Even if you only plan to work for 5 or 10 more years, you don't need to say it! If you look young, great! Make sure you dress in modern attire. Not "young", but professional. Also, don't talk about your family. You should never do this anyway. If you're a woman, and you mention that you have small kids, some hiring managers will start thinking about childcare and sick kids and things like that. If you're older and you mention grand kids, they start thinking about how old you might be and how you may be looking to retire (trust me, it happens all the time). So just don't bring it up. The biggest thing would be to show that you have lots of energy, drive and passion for the position. Hope that helps! Good Luck and don't worry about that person in your class. She's just one ignorant person.