NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks - page 11

I had planned to take the exam mid-November (2012) but that didn't go as planned. My registration expires soon so I will be taking it in 3 weeks and I am hoping I will pass this time around. I am... Read More

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    Hey deevaa can you please share the 50 page review... I kindly appreciate it... thank you...
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    Can anyone send me a copy of the 50 page review please.
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    Hello! Can you please send me the review paper please? Thank you!
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    Quote from deevaa
    hi I just took my nclex on feb 13 and passed it took me 50 mins to complete 85 questions then computer stopped I had 40 sata and 4 click and drag to correct order. I used saunders nclex ed 4 but got tired of doing that and a 50 page review paper my friend emailed to me nailed everything on the nclex. I actually didn't find it difficult at all and I'm the worse with select all.
    Hi can you please email me a copy of the 50 page review please Thank you
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    Hi Deevaa,
    I'm studying to pass the LVN NCLEX. I've been out of school 7 years now so any pointers will be greatly appreciated. I understand the test plan is different now, do you know what's so different? I plan on using my old nursing books to study from so I hope they will suffice?
    Also, if you don't mind emailing the study guide, I would appreciate that.
    Thank you kindly!
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    Hello everyone! Can anyone send me the review material please.

    Thank you very much! ;-)
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    Can anyone please send me a copy of the 50 page review?
    Thank you so much

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