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  1. set a schedule plan where u NEED to stick on it! 2 weeks is still good amount of time- HOLD every event you plan, GOAL IS TO PASS NCLEX. -->>Finish Safety infection control, delegation management section, few of Fundamentals and Pharm. in U-W...
  2. 2nd ATTEMPT AND PASSED! My exp!

    Congrats!!!!! im just wondering whats the good pop up look like now? been reading some post so it made me confused..thanks!
  3. Obligatory "finished NCLEX in 75q" post

    hey so did u pass the test?
  4. Low score on Uworld!!!

    You still have time to practice and get to know how to tackle nclex like questions with the help of UWorld. Il be retaking in 2 days so hopefully it will for me! But what I do is 20qs-content focus (like started with maternity/peds coz these are my w...
  5. 75 Questions... Only 11 SATA, passed!

    what review materials did u use?
  6. Advice for taking the NCLEX in August 2016

    is there anyone who had still free access with VATI to share ? im really on tight budget and don't wanna spend again another reviewer..
  7. i took the NCLEX RN for the 4th time last May 2016 and failed - (no judging here please; we have different lives circumstances but still pursing this nursing career for my family; i'll write down details when pass next time) for my recent exam i f...
  8. Nclex 265 questions!

    Is the 48hrs quick result..after the Time you Schedule your test or After you Finish the test? Sorry to ask this..lol âœŒí ¼í¿¼ï¸ thanks!
  9. Took exam today for third time

    So how to do the trick?,,,we should not get the Credit card page?
  10. Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*

    Congratulations!!!!! good luck on your job!..if u can share you notes, i would really appreciate it..my email [email protected] Thank you!
  11. Congratulations! Important lesson here is we don't give up on becoming RN..well not for me yet..but I recently passed for my LVN..and yes I've been through the same thing ..3 yrs journey..issue being a foreign student and stuffs!..but we did it..I sc...
  12. My nclex pn experience!!!

    Congratulations !!! So you think Exam Cram type of questioning helped u answering on the actual NCLEX? I'm doing it this week plus ATI book..
  13. My NCLEX-PN Experience Jan 2014

    Thank you! Yes I'm planning to purchase that book after I finish my content reading..I alternate ATI book (coz I find it just short and direct) with Kaplan Book..Saunders was too lengthy for me...yes the ATI 180 qs we had too..but yeah any kind of Q/...
  14. My NCLEX-PN Experience Jan 2014

    Hi...Congratulations! Just a question, u think the ATI kind of practice assessments/questions helped u too? Coz I right now, I'm still reading the ATI book and would on practice assessment after each chapter...What did u use for SATA questions to rev...
  15. Help-Need Nclex-PN Q/A Resources

    yes, exactly my point....by now im reading most for PN books (ATI and KAplan), doing Q/A Saunders, PN 3000,exam cram....il try to finish the book and read through all the rationale on the Q/A... thank you all..

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