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  1. miss_linh

    Is there Still Hope

    hi starlitex1280 can u pls dm the virtual ati as well? thank you
  2. miss_linh

    NCLEX takers in CALIFORNIA

    Took my nclex twice last year with bad pop up. Took third time on 3-18-14 finally got a good pop up. Results came in 4-4-14 and I passed. So I'm for sure that the Pearson vue trick really works. I'm now officially an LVN. 205/205/180 third times a charm. I'm located in alameda county in California. Good luck everyone
  3. miss_linh

    Failed twice.. third time is a charm? 4/14/14 is the day!

    You will pass. Third time is a charm as well for me. 205/205/180
  4. miss_linh

    Good popup! I have defeated the nclex demon lol

    I as well took the nclex today but for pn. Got 180 q total. 20 sata 3 exhibit 4 drag and drop 4 hot spot. This was my third time. The other two times I went to the max 205 q. Did the pvt trick first two test and got the cc payment but now this third time I got the exact pop up. Hope this trick works and can't wait to see my results in a few weeks. Congrats to us all. =)
  5. miss_linh

    Nclex 2014 PVT

    I as we'll taking it at tues 3/18 @2pm...super nervous. This will be my third time.
  6. miss_linh

    prepping for NCLEX?

    I surely need extra resources. Email is linhnguyen94606@yahoo.com. Thank you
  7. miss_linh

    Nclex nclex nclex worth a read!

    Please email me linhnguyen94606@yahoo.com thank you and congrats!
  8. miss_linh

    NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    Can you please also send me the review...thank you linhnguyen94606@yahoo.com
  9. miss_linh

    Help!!! Can this be happening to me?

    Took my nclex on Nov 4. Got married on Nov 30. My house got robbed on the same night as my wedding. If it isn't bad enough I found out I failed nclex pn for the second time last week. Thief stoled all of my notes from nursing school from my laptop and money. Can this be happening to me? My life is just a tip of an iceberg. I'm so depress and stress out. I need a miracle and help just about now or I think I will go crazy. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do in regards to studying? Maybe a tutor or a study partner? I want to definitely pass my third try.
  10. miss_linh

    Pearson Vue Trick as of 11/5/13

  11. miss_linh

    Pearson Vue Trick as of 11/5/13

    Been studying for weeks. Took my nclex today 11/5/13. This is my second time. First time finish at 205. Today also finish at 205 with 33 sata, 1 exhibit, 1 pix, 5 med calculation, 3 drag and drop. I did not want to do the pearson trick because I did it the last time and it took me to the cc page. I was depress for weeks but finally stop after and starting studying and re register again. Today, I left knowing I did to my best ability and hestiated to do the pop up until i spoke with my classmate who passed and had her do it and she told me i did not get the pop up. i couldnt believe it so i try myself and now i have been trying for 3 times and it went to the cc page. i dont know what to do now. the depression is started to kick me and after reading about the pearson trick, is it really accurate? im a failure for the 2nd time. god please help me out there. im in cali so no quick results and have to wait 4 weeks later and im getting married in 3 weeks. is anyone feeling depress like i am, so much plate in my hands. i feel like going crazy. should i not care about pearson trick and be calm and just wait for the result? Someone plz give me some encouragement. =(
  12. miss_linh

    Pearson Vue accuracy help!!!!!!

    I had the same problem. Took mines on 8/31 and had lots of satas, drag and drop, one math, one exhibit, one picture. Did the Pearson trick and it went to cc page. I was so depress and sad and still am. I hope I pass but still waiting for my results and it won't be given to me till a month later because Cali don't have instant results...praying that we will pass....keep my fingers crossing.
  13. miss_linh

    Pearson Vue Trick and Official Results.

    All bad for me then. Took my nclex pn today & did all 205 questions with 30 satas 20 drag and drop, one math and one exhibit and one pictures. It took me 3 hrs. I was confident and feeling great but somehow when I check the Pearson trick then it went to the cc page. I guess I failed????? I wish I didn't because I'm very really depress. =(
  14. miss_linh

    nxclex lpn i must have failed badly? =(

    I been studying for one week to prepare for this exam. i should have reschedule but instead i Took the test today feeling confident. Did all 205 nclex lpn in 3 hrs. I had one exhibit question, one math, 30 satas and 20 drag and drop. I took no breaks and feeling very nervous at first but later got use to the momentum. Thought i did reslly well til I try the Pearson trick and it send me to the cc page. I must really failed right??? The pearson is really accurate? someone plz tell me. i hope the lord in looking down at me from up there and helping me pass this miserable phase of mines. I feel like bursting into tears right now but I am just so exhausted from taking the test for the first time and only had three hours of sleep the night before because I was so anxious to sleep. Aaaaaahhhh!!! I feel like I'm going crazy. This is such a disappoint to me and for my family. God I need help.

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