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NCLEX oN friday

  1. 0 So tomorrow would be my last day of my review( hopefully i can focus) , im confident and yet anxious about what will happen. I used saunders5th edition and the ncsbn 3 - week course. Ive been out of nursing for 3 yrs. Since i passed my license back home,i never practiced.I started working in an airline and flew for 2 yrs, which somehow had impact to the normal function of my brain hehe.. I reviewed for 5 months.

    Im looking forward in passing this exam on friday. Positivity !! 😭😂😅

    Ill try to update after the exam or if results are out!

    Whos with me on friday!!?
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    Stay positive and read the questions carefully. Eliminate 2 incorrect as much as possible. Take breaks when you feel anxiety setting in.
    You got this!!! Good luck!
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    Stay calm and tell yourself you will pass.
    Someone told me everytime I started to stress about questions. Sing a song like row row your boat. It switches the sides of the brain and calms you down. Dont over think the questions.
    My first question was so easy I was stressing I was missing something.
    Good luck!
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    I agree with the previous posts. The only thing a want to add is don't stress out the day before the test. Try to do something relaxing even though it is hard but it helps and get a good night sleep.
    Good luck!
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    I am taking the test tomorrow too, let's pray and be positive, I will let you all know tomorrow afternoon after I do the pvt trick.
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    Thanks, i shut my laptop and all my references. Im trying to relax for tomorrow is the big day. Ill have it at 11am.

    @magdalena what time is yours ?
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    Good luck everyone don't forget to pray.
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    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Bad pop up :'(
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    I also took it today! What do you men Bad Pop Up 0pepper? What did it say?