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Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts i found were ah a few years old. ... Read More

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    Hey ZAzak just google Kaplan practice tests, and go through some of the search results, I remember awhile back, I found a lot of them, but I had purchased Kaplan and was kind of thinking it isn't fair cause I purchased it, oh well.

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    Quote from olliesmommy1005
    Thanks! I'm always the person who has to be talked off the ledge before tests....I just tend to freak out and then do fine on tests....I know I should take today off, but I'm still going through my LaCharity today, just to get it done....

    As for the rest of the Qbanks....I didn't do them all, I actually was just reviewing the slides I wanted to make sure I could to Q7 to see how I could do with that one since it is said that they get harder....I've been doing Saunders, NCLEX 4000, LaCharity, and Kaplan online and my old (2010-2011) that I bought at the beginning of nursing school on my Nook!

    Please NCLEX gods, be good to me tomorrow at 8 AM!!!

    Took the test yesterday, shut off at 75 Q and only took about 50 minutes.....Getting the good pop up! Keep those fingers crossed that it's right!
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    olliesmommy1005 - that's awesome good pop up! It takes 48 hrs from when you ended test for the quick results to come in, in the mean time do something fun to distract you from nonstop checking. So says me who couldn't be pulled away from computer as I was obsessed with knowing so checking every 2 hrs.
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    Here is my progress with Kaplan. I test in a week and a half.
    Diagnostic 63%
    Readiness 63%
    Qt1 72%
    Qt2 68%
    Qt3 58%
    Qt4 67%
    Qt5 63%
    Qbank average 65%
    Plan on taking Qt6&7 in the next couple of days. Am I ok to test in a week???? I'm freaking thinking I am not ready. Need advice. Thanks.
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    @ raisingboys - finish QT 6&7 those last two are a very good predictor of next, see where you stand if you're scoring either 60% or very close to it then should be fine but if its very low then reschedule. Look up stuff you arn't sure on and good luck! Remember first name last name, RN
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    Thanks. I finished Qt6 yesterday and got a 64. Plan on doing 7 today or tomorrow. My qbanks are averaging 68%. I know Kaplan says above 60 on 6&7 are good signs, but I'm still worried.
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    Question- I googled and found the Kaplan practice tests on slideshare that you shared Inori. My results were 2-72%, 3-72%, 4-72%, 5-63% and will take 6 & 7 tomorrow. I test on Monday. I didn't order the Kaplan review, just the book and the slideshare and the Saunders comprehensive exam. I hope I am ready...any thoughts?
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    Okay I finally got my ATT today and took the plunge and scheduled my test for 23 Jun. My Kaplan scores are:

    Diagnostic 66%
    Readiness 62%
    Qt1 64%
    Qt2 61%
    Qt3 51%
    Qt4 63%
    Qt5 63%
    QT6 68%
    QT7 taking this 1 tomorrow
    Qbank average 58% on 300 questions
    have a schedule set up to be done with everything on the 21st so I can have a day to rest

    Not really happy with my scores on the Qbank but I will keep plugging away and reviewing my weak areas.
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    floridagator98 based on what Kaplan says you are more than ready
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    raisingboys I think no matter how much we study or how much we know we will never really feel ready. I felt confident right up until I actually scheduled lol!

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