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Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts i found were ah a few years old. ... Read More

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    @Nurse2BGo_FAMU - it depends on how much content you need to learn if you need a full review on just about everything in nursing go for saunders and do 50-100 kaplan questions a day. IF you just need a lite brush up then kaplan book is fine. I felt that i needed more explanations than kaplan was giving so i went suanders for content and kaplan book for testing technique.

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    I will be taking the NCLEX RN in 4 days so far this is my progress.
    Kaplan Q trainer 1-7: I-64%,II69%,III60%,IV57%,V61%,VI61%.VII62%
    Saunders 5e average: 72%
    NCLEX 4000 average: 70-75%
    PDA average: 65-70%

    What do you think guys....
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    @Ethanphil - Your scores are looking good. Well according to the kaplan table you have 92.8% chance at passing. Look over your kaplan cumulative report and read up on any areas that is below 55%, memorize your lab vaules, normal assessments, drug categories. Two days before exam studying, do whatever is it you do for fun. GOOD LUCK!! you can do it . Your Name, R.N.
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    Thanks Inori I hope i can make it with a very limited time of studying because of my 3 months old baby. I will give it a shot on May 3..
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    It's a week later and my scores have been between 50-62% but two of my qbank scores were 36% and 44%!!!! Am I drained?? Ahhhhh.. QUOTE=Inori;6422768]@Biggie1 - reviewing saunders and doing kaplan questions its normal that scores increasing because you're gaining knowledge and learning testing skills. I'd be more concern if you're qbank / QT scores aren't increasing or worst start dropping. Same thing with question trainers improving is expected so long as QT6 and 7 is above 60% you're ready. Qbank questions i feel are harder than QTrainers but .. all in all very very similar to the actual NCLEX exam. Also Qbank with each test being only 50 questions the scores will jump around more meaning you'll have some higher and some lower. IT evens out if you average em for the week. Keep studying make sure you're improving the scores even by 1 pt gotta compare new scores to your average and focus studying on areas you're consistently weak in. SO by test time you've filled in the gaps and you've a uniform knowledge. there's no i hope they won't ask for X because the computer eing a CAT will go straight for your weak zones. GOOD LUCK!!Do all of your QT, QBank, look up the content, take notes on stuff you got wrong dont just read the rationale, if have time still create a quiz of all the ones you previously got wrong and keep drilling it. Think kaplan quoted that most of people who complete all of the quetsions pass so keep that in mind[/QUOTE]
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    @Biggie - keep at it oh and if you find your recent scores arn't going up in comparison to your average or dropping then problem is content (use saunders for those areas) by now you've done enough questions to master the test taking skills. Complete all the qbank, qtrainers and review redo all the ones you got wrong. Good luck! Approx 60% average or the most recent ones and you're good to go. GOOD LUCK
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    From what I heard, the readiness scale floating around here is invalid. (as confirmed from my Kaplan instructor). She had told me that people usually who score roughly 50% on the Readiness, are 90% likely to pass on the first try. People who score 60%+ are usually recommended to take the test like the next day.

    ** This is what MY instructor told me. Also, I'm not sure where that rubric of likelihood of passing from the Readiness came from, it stemmed back from like 2008.
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    Ive just started studying for nclex
    I was going to get saunders 5e comprehensive
    what kaplan book should I get???

    thx for ur help
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    @kmurphy - ideally you'd get the Kaplan review course,($499) or just question banks ($299)or if really strapped for cash then at least get kaplan-Rn book from amazon get most recent book ($20). Think of it as investment mine
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    Hello Everyone, I've read that most of you avail the kaplan Qbank that cost $299. My great hacker classmate from the review center gave me a copy of Kaplan Question Trainer 1-7 back in year 2008. I was thinking if it's the same with the Kaplan Qbank.

    Can anyone here tell me what to expect on Kaplan Qbank? Is it consist of different type of questions like sata, drag and drop etc. Please tell me more about it. This is not gonna be my first time to take NCLEX and I just want to make sure that I get the updated review materials. I already threw away some of my review books which I find unhelpful.

    Thanks Alot!!

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