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Hi Everyone, I was just curious as to what, how everyone else was doing in their kaplan, saunders or whichever nclex practice scores and uh the result of your nclex exam. Most of the posts i found were ah a few years old. ... Read More

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    Vinaey83- thanks for seems that there are a lot of SATA questions... How did you study for those? I don't seem to be doing too well with those on Kaplan.

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    Quote from vianey83
    I used Kaplan and I think the NCLEX questions are very semilar to Kaplan. I took the test last week and passed with 75 questions. I got a lot of SATA (21), Meds, and prioritizing I also got 2 drag and drop in order. Make sure you know patient safety.
    Did you use anything else aside from Kaplan...and how did you study for the SATA questions?
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    Does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm very nervous, I'm getting a range of 50s to just 60son the Kaplan trainer/ qbank questions...I'm not sure if I'm on track anymore, I have a month from today!! Helppp
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    @Biggie1 - qbank questions seems harder so it may be 10 pts lower than your question trainer. QT6 and QT7 aim for 60% or higher and e same for readiness test. You have 4 weeks to study so is till doable to bring it up by 5-10 pts. But at a few days begore test time your still in low 50s then reschedule exam to study. Best to save qt7 till a few days before exam as this one is just like nclex. Books highly recommend getting Saunders to study content as kaplan assumes you know it and only teach testing Also SATA questions you many to consider each option separately and apply decision tree to each of the choices and eliminates as you do it. GOOD LUCK you can do it

    It's important to know why you got it wrong as that will determine how you spend your next few weeks . My studying was focused on releArning content and focused on my weak areas Ask self 3 questions for your wrong answers.

    Did I lose pts becau didn't know content? If yes go hit up sanders or textbook and learn it
    Did you ID the wrong topic? if so read the question carefully and if needed look at answer choices to figures it out
    IDed topi correctly but still got it wrong- need more test question practice and use decision tree
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    Just enrolled to kaplans classroom anywhere, should i use the kaplan coursebook and online videos for content review or my saunders book??
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    I actually used Saunders for content and occasionally the Kaplan book. I think Saunders is better for content. I didn't used the online videos ( takes too much time) What worked best for me was to review all questions and for incorrect ones I looked up the content that was involved. Hopefully this helps a little
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    Are these qbank questions easier than trainers? Also, I haven't done anything differently this week aside from taking three days off but my qbank scores last week were: 54,52,54,60..and now this week my scores are 64, 66, seems like a big increase. I don't know why. Any answers to that?....I've done 75 questions yesterday from the Saunders 5th edition book that I received this week nbut no reviewing, my score on that was 69%... Anyway, i don't know how i scored highly on qbanks now..
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    Inori can you please look at my comment posted on April 27th down below. I just need some input. Thanks a bunch.
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    From my experience when I started doing the qbank I was getting lower scores like you then my scores got a lot better. I think the qbank and the questions trainers are very similar. It looks like you're doing very well. I studied for 5 weeks, finished all question trainers and qbank. I also did questions from Saunders and I was avg 65-70, nothing higher than that. I took the Kaplan readiness 1 week before testing and got a 63%. I'm sure you are ready
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    @Biggie1 - reviewing saunders and doing kaplan questions its normal that scores increasing because you're gaining knowledge and learning testing skills. I'd be more concern if you're qbank / QT scores aren't increasing or worst start dropping. Same thing with question trainers improving is expected so long as QT6 and 7 is above 60% you're ready.

    Qbank questions i feel are harder than QTrainers but .. all in all very very similar to the actual NCLEX exam. Also Qbank with each test being only 50 questions the scores will jump around more meaning you'll have some higher and some lower. IT evens out if you average em for the week. Keep studying make sure you're improving the scores even by 1 pt gotta compare new scores to your average and focus studying on areas you're consistently weak in. SO by test time you've filled in the gaps and you've a uniform knowledge. there's no i hope they won't ask for X because the computer eing a CAT will go straight for your weak zones. GOOD LUCK!!

    Do all of your QT, QBank, look up the content, take notes on stuff you got wrong dont just read the rationale, if have time still create a quiz of all the ones you previously got wrong and keep drilling it. Think kaplan quoted that most of people who complete all of the quetsions pass so keep that in mind
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