NCLEX - is U-world worth it?? - page 2

I have taken the NCLEX a few days ago, just got my unofficial results of "fail" after taking 265 questions and sitting for 5.5 hours....I had tons of select all that apply, sequential order, and... Read More

  1. by   Bubbles1121
    How long did you take before retaking it?
  2. by   gmdlc
    Very much worth it!!!!
  3. by   CKPM2RN
    I thought that UWorld was completely worth it. NCLEX style to the very font so you get used to it and great rationales. I suggest studying every rationale after you take a practice exam and make sure that you can explain that rationale in your own words. For me that led to success the first time.
  4. by   mmanzella18
    Ive been using UWorld and from what I've been told, its identical to the NCLEX! Good luck.
  5. by   Mirangi
    Does really work? Has anybody tried it that can provide some valuable information?!