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  1. Hi, all. I signed up for an account just to share my info in hopes of possibly encouraging others the way I was encouraged before my test. I spent hours reading threads about Hurst and PVT and such.

    First, let me just get this out - I passed!!! Woohoo! I am finally an RN.

    Just like all of you the journey was hard and trying. Took boards Jan 3 - had 75 questions. Went to my car and sat for a long time, then did PVT from my phone and got the good pop up. I found out from quick results Jan 5 (today) that I did in fact pass! So, I believe the PVT is true and accurate! Thanks to the thousands of threads on here, I was able to have some stress relieved by doing that immediately! I did, however, think it was money well spent for the peace of mind of seeing those words pass via quick results. Just like everyone else, I thought what if I'm that one unlucky person it doesn't work for.

    I also wanted to address Hurst and Q reviews. I stand behind Hurst. It was very helpful and simplistic. Now, the Q reviews were nice too, but I was panicking because I wasn't scoring high percentage-wise. My scores were 84, 91, 92, and 94 (so percentage wise that was a range of 67.2%-75.2%). I was comparing that to standards of my school, and even the 75.2% wouldn't have been passing on a test. So, I was really freaking out, but it must have been good enough. With the help of God, I passed the first time!

    I'll leave you with this: study hard, utilize Hurst if possible, trust what your teachers have taught you and what you've already learned, read rationales for practice questions, remain calm during the test, and when it's over relieve yourself of some anxiety and do the PVT. It works! You've got this!!! You've made it through nursing school, and that was hard for most all of us. This is just one last hurdle, and you already have the information to pass it! Be confident in yourself. You aren't expected to remember or know everything! Good luck!
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  3. by   simplyashley21
    Congratulations! Thank you for those encouraging words. I was beginning to become discouraged and sustain panic attacks as my date gets closer. Especially considering the multitude of recent success stories on this site are attributed to Kaplan. Thank you for the reassurance that I made a good investment to think "NCLEXY" and know my content "without a doubt and without hesitation!" Is this the only resource you used to prepare for NCLEX?
  4. by   Dubs2012
    Yes I agree thanks for those words!!! I have my exam coming up soon... I'm just afraid NCLEX isn't going to be straight forward... I have HURST review content and then am doing Kaplan Qbank and qtrainers now but I think I need to go over my concern again but just feel like HURST doesn't go over everything I may need for NCLEX idk maybe I'm just thinking too hard on it my test is in a week in the 15th ahhh!!!!
  5. by   2boysmomma
    Thank you so much for this! It was really just what I needed. I enjoyed the Hurst live reciew but I have been freaking out about the 68% I keep getting on the QReviews (I've taken 2 so far). Worrying that there's no way that can be good enough. I take the NCLEX on the 17th so I'm just gonna keep plugging away at it. You give me hope. Thanks again.
  6. by   RNurse2
    First, let me just say my God and Savior got me through all this - school and NCLEX. I only "studied" Hurst material. I have done random practice questions here and there just to test myself out and see the differences, but I stuck with Hurst as my study guide! I don't think doing other practice questions would hurt if you just wanted to, but personally I give Hurst the credit! I didn't look back at school notes. I only used what I had stored in memory from what I had learned in school (trust me you've retained more than you think) and the Hurst notes. And, no, Hurst does not cover every single question on the test, but with it and the knowledge that got you through school you will be able to logically think through some of the others and some of them you will probably be just like me and not know. But that is OK!! You do not have to be perfect, you will not know everything!! So, if at all possible, try to fight that urge to try to know everything. Know what Marlene tells you to know! When you get to those questions you don't know, don't panic, just try to reason through, make a good guess and move on to the next question and don't think about the other one again! You can do this!!!
  7. by   RNurse2
    Oh..and you're welcome! I hope it helps at someone to relieve some of that test anxiety. Good luck guys!!
  8. by   caur
    congrats and thanks for sharing i will go for hurst too...
  9. by   akanini
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing for future test takers. All the best on your career as a nurse.
  10. by   plumae
    congrats!!! i took the exam on jan 3, 2013... found out that im a certified US-RN today... Jan. 5 2013... did it through self review for a month... bit hesitant since i graduated year 2007... thankful 2 god for such a good blessing...
  11. by   RNurse2
    Congrats, Plumae! Feels great doesn't it?!
  12. by   plumae
    yup2x it does..heheeheh u too congrats!!!!... really thankful of the threads here in helped me to accurately apply for nclex and succesfully passed... even taught me with pvt... ty everyone!!!
  13. by   red grl
    Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your study tips!!!
  14. by   nurse2b121212
    Thanks RNurse2 !!! Your comment relieved some of my anxiety. I'm taking NCLEX-RN on 01/28!!! And I will definitly purchase the quick view and utilize PVT!