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  1. RNurse2

    What are my options?

    So my plan when I finished school was to do med surg for a year then venture out. Now, it's been a year and I don't know where to go. Floor nursing is not what I want to do forever, but when I search for jobs, hospital jobs are mostly all I see. I was of the opinion that there are many different avenues for nurses, but I can't figure out where or how to get those jobs. Are these "other" positions usually word of mouth? Any advice? What do you guys like other than hospital/bedside? I like bedside, just not the craziness of hospital.
  2. RNurse2

    Does anyone else get really nervous before a shift?

    WOW!! These are words that have come out of my mouth. My feelings exactly! I'm starting to think I'm getting burnt out I don't know if I have the strength to keep pushing forward in my current position.
  3. RNurse2

    Burn out?

    I think I may ALREADY be experiencing burn out. I'm getting close to the 7 month mark and I am still not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I was hoping I would at least be able to enjoy days off without spending the days dreading returning to work. I like taking care of patients and I don't mind giving meds or performing (most) skills or even doing paperwork, but I feel overloaded with having to do it all at the same time and trying to keep up with a slew of patients and everything that is going on with them. Our floor (I am sure a lot of other floors are no different) works understaffed. Two weekends in a row I have been told there's no one to even call in. I keep hearing that we are hiring "x" amount of people, but it takes so long for new ones to get in and trained that someone else ends up leaving in that time putting us back in the same predicament. I am just thinking that floor nursing is not for me. I just don't know which direction to go from here and if I'd even have a chance of being hired into that position with 7 months experience. I love nursing in general, I just can't handle the current situation much longer. Any experienced nurses have any great advice for a newcomer???? I especially welcome the advice that doesn't fall along the lines of "you need to stay where you are for a year" without giving me a good way of coping because I am just not sure I can hold out another 5 months.
  4. RNurse2

    Core measures to my core.

    I also do not want to own it. My patient's discharges are being delayed by up to an hour sometimes because I am trying to be sure core measures were addressed properly. And being a new nurse, I already struggle with time management. Then I have to dig back through the entire chart to see if the doctors have done their jobs all along. I understand that core measures are good in many ways, but I do not like that it is the floor nurses job to dig and investigate the charts. I feel like it is babysitting the doctors, and if we fall out, I will get the chewing because I didn't catch it.
  5. RNurse2

    Advice please!

    Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words. It helps to know that I am somewhat normal.
  6. RNurse2

    Advice please!

    I would love to have 30 minutes when I first get there to look at stuff and write down important information, but I often have people calling me to pre-op a patient, to start an 18 gauge in the AC for another patient for their procedure and another patient needs help to the bathroom and another one wants something for nausea, before I am even finished getting report. Just being able to have a minute to breathe and take in all the information before I start my day would help. Plus pre-opping a patient and starting IV's are very big tasks for me, because it's still so new. I'm not very good with IV's and don't really know well what pre-op entails. I'm sorry to vent, I am just feeling like I am drowning.
  7. RNurse2

    Advice please!

    I have 6 patients if I am in total care. Yesterday, I had 6 when I got to work. I discharged 3, and admitted two. I did have someone helping with some of the paperwork, but the tasks that go along with discharges and admits still falls on me. Not to mention, discharge paperwork has to be double checked, so I still had to do that. I can have up to 7 patients, but I have already told my manager I flat out cannot handle 7 at this time. And there are MANY days we don't have anyone to delegate to. And if we do have them, it's usually one for the whole floor, so they may have 20+ patients.
  8. RNurse2

    Advice please!

    I have been working at my first job for four a little less than four months now. It's a busy med-surg floor. I had a pretty lengthy preceptorship compared to some I've seen here, but I don't think it was very good. I don't know though because I don't have anything to compare it to. Anyway, I'm really really struggling with time management. I feel so guilty when giving off going report because I either have to leave things hanging for the next nurse to do (while I spend an extra hour or two catching up on charting) or because I don't know about things concerning my patients when asked such as particular lab work because I haven't had time to look. I have read to try brain sheets, but things change throughout the shift so much that I don't think another sheet of paperwork would be that helpful for me. We have SBAR sheets for each pt when we get report and then I have a sheet that I put notes on of things I need to remember to do or chart. Not to mention I really don't have time to try to get much organization going on because I can't come in more than 5 minutes early and my work phone is ringing with fires to put out often before I'm finished getting report. Then there are discharges and admissions and often having to work without an aide. Then there's all the tasks that pop up for me to do that are new to me that I have to stop, track someone down and ask them to help me (they are busy too and I know they will soon be sick of it). Add to the top of that the other stuff the company mandates such as hourly rounding grids in the room etc. I am so overwhelmed. I cry a lot. I want to be good at my job so bad but feel like a total failure! I think it may be normal but I don't know. I see my coworkers getting off on time and even having time to chit chat sometimes and I am jealous of their abilities. If what I am feeling is normal for a new grad, I think I want to be abnormal.
  9. Cute cartoon. And i wish you the best of luck in your career change. I love to hear about people going into nursing. However, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but....It is my experience (as short as it may be) that nursing is very similar to waitressing. I have waited tables myself before nursing, and it seems I have some of those same "customers" lying in the hospital bed, except this time they are sick and even grumpier. Not to mention, the nurse is responsible for a lot more than just a meal. Now I am responsible for their health and well being! Oh and their bill is a lot more expensive too, so they are really expecting great service (as they should). And then there's this little issue of customer satisfaction surveys and rounds done by my supervisor. I may still get paid for taking care of that patient if they are not satisfied, but our raises depend greatly on customer satisfaction. Nursing can be very rewarding, but if you are trying to escape situations like these nursing is not the route. I love my job, but I also loved waiting tables. If you enjoy serving, you will probably enjoy nursing as well. I promise I am not trying to be a downer, I just don't want anyone going into this blindly.
  10. RNurse2

    NCLEX Hurst PVT and such

    I only looked at Hurst meds and remembered the ones we'd gone over throughout school.
  11. RNurse2

    NCLEX Hurst PVT and such

    Congrats, Plumae! Feels great doesn't it?!
  12. RNurse2

    NCLEX Hurst PVT and such

    Oh..and you're welcome! I hope it helps at someone to relieve some of that test anxiety. Good luck guys!!
  13. RNurse2

    NCLEX Hurst PVT and such

    First, let me just say my God and Savior got me through all this - school and NCLEX. I only "studied" Hurst material. I have done random practice questions here and there just to test myself out and see the differences, but I stuck with Hurst as my study guide! I don't think doing other practice questions would hurt if you just wanted to, but personally I give Hurst the credit! I didn't look back at school notes. I only used what I had stored in memory from what I had learned in school (trust me you've retained more than you think) and the Hurst notes. And, no, Hurst does not cover every single question on the test, but with it and the knowledge that got you through school you will be able to logically think through some of the others and some of them you will probably be just like me and not know. But that is OK!! You do not have to be perfect, you will not know everything!! So, if at all possible, try to fight that urge to try to know everything. Know what Marlene tells you to know! When you get to those questions you don't know, don't panic, just try to reason through, make a good guess and move on to the next question and don't think about the other one again! You can do this!!! :) :)
  14. RNurse2

    NCLEX Hurst PVT and such

    Hi, all. I signed up for an account just to share my info in hopes of possibly encouraging others the way I was encouraged before my test. I spent hours reading threads about Hurst and PVT and such. First, let me just get this out - I passed!!! Woohoo! I am finally an RN. Just like all of you the journey was hard and trying. Took boards Jan 3 - had 75 questions. Went to my car and sat for a long time, then did PVT from my phone and got the good pop up. I found out from quick results Jan 5 (today) that I did in fact pass! So, I believe the PVT is true and accurate! Thanks to the thousands of threads on here, I was able to have some stress relieved by doing that immediately! I did, however, think it was money well spent for the peace of mind of seeing those words pass via quick results. Just like everyone else, I thought what if I'm that one unlucky person it doesn't work for. I also wanted to address Hurst and Q reviews. I stand behind Hurst. It was very helpful and simplistic. Now, the Q reviews were nice too, but I was panicking because I wasn't scoring high percentage-wise. My scores were 84, 91, 92, and 94 (so percentage wise that was a range of 67.2%-75.2%). I was comparing that to standards of my school, and even the 75.2% wouldn't have been passing on a test. So, I was really freaking out, but it must have been good enough. With the help of God, I passed the first time! I'll leave you with this: study hard, utilize Hurst if possible, trust what your teachers have taught you and what you've already learned, read rationales for practice questions, remain calm during the test, and when it's over relieve yourself of some anxiety and do the PVT. It works! You've got this!!! You've made it through nursing school, and that was hard for most all of us. This is just one last hurdle, and you already have the information to pass it! Be confident in yourself. You aren't expected to remember or know everything! Good luck!