1. HI Everyone!!! So last night in my previous post, I was starting to have a mental breakdown. I felt sooooooo unready because I felt like I was reading too much content and was trying to fill two years worth in. Basically,burnt myself out. I realized I did not retain anything because I was so stressed about knowing everything and when I would take an exam I would stress out over not knowing what a certaisen procedure was or what med that was used for again. I stressed myself out that I was up til 2:30 in the morning reading people's advice on the nclex. I got alot of good tips So this morning I got up at 8am and was still frazzled so I decided to take the Readiness Exam for Kaplan to see where I was, although I had not finished the question trainer. The last question trainer I did was q4 and I got 64.68%, so let me round that off to a 65%. So I took the readiness exam 180 Questions and thought "****, what is this? Omg, I have no idea what this time. Oh god I'm guessing now." Needless to stay, that crap drained me and lower my confidence. I ended up getting a 56.11% which is a 78% of passing the Nclex for the first can bet I started to cry because I know everyone has a score of the high 60s. So I called my friends and cried and cried. Then I pulled my self together and realized, omg all i had to do was be consistent with doing questions and doing the rationales. I trust Kaplan because everyone says its good and I trust alot of you guys on here who told me that Kaplan helped you so much. I decided to start doing 50 questions for an hour, take a break, come back and read the rationales....then another break and then come back and do another 50 questions.... basically train myself to get use to how Kaplan wants us to answer question. Thankyou guys so much! I did reschedule my exam from the 12th to the 14th lol, even though I know that won't help much lol. Anywase, any words of advice will help me in this journey. I know a girl like me who came from a refugee camp can achieve the American dream!
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  3. by   californiaboy
    That's the spirit!
  4. by   shicurls
    You can do it ! Just keep preparing and believe in yourself. You have already made it this far. Don't get so caught up in numbers but make sure you know your stuff. Make sure you are taking breaks to give your mind a rest !
  5. by   St_Claire
    You have great energy! Go for a walk to clear your head and burn off some energy, then focus on your questions for short periods of time.

    You can do this; you know this stuff!!!!
  6. by   BolBol
    Almost everyone feels unprepared and stressed out before the NCLEX. So, don't keep postponing.
  7. by   medman1025
    You will feel stressed no matter when you take this test - just go for it.
    Also, remember...starting April 1, the 2013 test plan takes effect, and the passing standard will be raised a little bit. Stay positive - you've got this!!
  8. by   PeppermintP
    Oh no! Did not know the new test plan will be in April!!! Guess I better pass the first time around... EEEEkkkkkk! As long as I'm doing questions and understanding them then I hope and pray I will join you all in calling myself an RN. Want this soooooooooooooo bad :-)