Nclex 3500

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    Does anyone think this is a good review. The nclex 3500 lww download

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    Nclex 3500 free edition online for questions is amazing. Definitely helped me pass.
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    Hi, where can I download the nclex 3500?
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    I used NCLEX 3500 the most out of everything I had for resources. IMO, it was the most like the NCLEX and the most helpful. I passed my first try Feb 4th...
    Good luck!
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    Had anyone used saunders ?
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    I'm using Saunders currently and like it the most of all sources I've used before
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    I definitely think Saunders is the best for content. LaCharity, Nclex-3500, and NCSBN for practicing questions. I think the key to passing the nclex is practicing questions though. Good luck to you!

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