NCLEX 2011

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    I got this idea from a previous thread, but i thought of updating it a little.

    For those who are taking NCLEX June, July, August etc 2011, How about a little recall of random facts you think are important. In question form.

    I'll get us started:

    [FONT="Palatino Linotype"]1. What is the antidote for a Tylenol overdose?

    2. Can a Licensed Practical Nurse flush a central line?

    3. What medication has 'green halo' as a sign of toxicity?

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    Good luck with your test.
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    Tylenol overdose- antidote is Mucomyst (acetylcysteine).
    No LPN can't not flash Central line.
    the last question I'm not sure but i will go with digoxin
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Good luck with your test.
    I just had to tell you that you are such a positive force every time I read your post.
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    oh here are my fact questions!
    What Aloe use for?
    What position do you put pt. in shock?
    what kind of food do you tell the pt. to limit when they are on Warfarin?
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    Quote from nurselearningforlife
    tylenol overdose- antidote is mucomyst (acetylcysteine).
    no lpn can't not flash central line.
    the last question i'm not sure but i will go with digoxin:d
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    what aloe use for? guessing here..soothing the skin? :d
    what position do you put pt. in shock? trendelenburg
    what kind of food do you tell the pt. to limit when they are on warfarin? dark green leafy veggies[/quote]
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    Er this what i studied today:
    Aloe for increase wound healing.
    For shock pt. Old school they used trendelenburg but for modern world now they use modified trendelenburg!
    by the when you gonna take your Nclex?
    more questions to revise:
    1.) what HIPAA use for?
    2.) what Nurse practice act use for?
    3.) What organization the handle infection control and hazardous equipment?
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    TO HAVE THE BEST CHANCE OF PASSING KNOW YOUR CORE CONTENT such as med surg, renal, endo, resp, GI, GU, cardio, dieases, labs, delegation, priority, study select all that apply ...LOOK AT THE NEW FORMAT FOR THE 2011 NCSBN. MED SURG IS THE BACK BONE SINCE THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON IN ALL THE QUESTIONS. Touch over ob/and peds(complications). DON'T STUDY STUFF YOU KNOW WELL...THAT IS WASTING YOUR STUDY TIME. Its up to you as the nurse to attack the questions direct. USE THE SAUNDERS BOOK WITH THE CD if you don't have something already. Go over the sections and do 60 questions a day from each body system. Read the sections in the saunders helps to fill in the grey areas along with the cd. Talk out your concepts aloud to get them in your head so you can pull them back up when you take your exam. Know basic pharm tie that in with disease can help you remember it better...same goes for labs. Remember just because you have a nurse floating to the floor with 10 yrs exp....she or he stills needs the most stable patient. RN can only do teaching so remember that when you look at discharge and the nclex hospital. NO GOOD QUESTIONS on NCLEX(SOMETHING HAPPENING IN ALL OF THEM)....PROBLEMS YOU NEED TO FIX. READ CAREFUL, LOOK FOR KEYWORDS. THINK WHAT IS THE BEST, SAFE, AND WILL CORRECT THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU ATTACK THE QUESTION. Remember we want to correct a problem in the early signs of distress or whatever before they get to the point of the might not make it phase. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR NURSES THAT WILL HELP THE PATIENTS, PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THE PUBLIC.....ALONG WITH LOOK FOR ABUSE. Becareful with labs just because its wnl of the high or flag for new nurses. Goal is to get as many questions right on that exam as you can. Look for keywords read the questions slow. THE SAME WAY YOU MISSED TEST QUESTIONS IN SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU READ THE QUESTIONS TO FAST...CAN HAPPEN HERE SO READ SLOW. DON'T GIVE YOUR ANSWERS AWAYS BECAUSE YOU ARE READING TO FAST....SLOW IT DOWN ON THIS. Ask yourself does my choice make sense....and if so WHY...KNOW THE WHY TO YOUR RIGHT ANSWERS AND THE WRONGS...OR WHAT MADE THEM WRONG . SO REVEIW RATIONALS WHILE YOU PRACTICE FOR YOU EXAM. It often helps you get other key pieces in your head. KEEP POSITIVE, KEEP FOCUSED. You can do it. Also look at select all that apply questions. Hurst review is nice too.
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    1.) what hipaa use for? protect pt medical records/privacy
    2.) what nurse practice act use for? outlines scope of practice for a licensed individual.
    3.) what organization the handle infection control and hazardous equipment?

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