NCLEX in 2 days any last minute study tips?

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    I take my NCLEX RN Friday afternoon and kind of confused on what else I should be studying. I am finishing up the HURST review book for the 2nd time tonight and have been doing at least 50 questions a night over the past week. I know tonight should be my last study night BUT I always cram and I'll have anxiety if I don't study thursday night or a little friday morning. Friday morning I figured I would review some labs and simple things nothing major.

    But any ideas on what I should focus on tonight and tomorrow?


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    rest is the best way... find ways to relax... do your normal routine...
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    I reviewed common nclex labs and did not study the day before the exam.
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    I took thje test yoday and would recommend:
    side effects
    infection sontrol
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    I say do not study the day before you test. Just relax.
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    any last day tips?? i will really appreciate
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    Quote from keepmovingrn
    I say do not study the day before you test. Just relax.
    I agree! Get a nice relaxing massage : )
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    Read over lab values and all nurses study guide along with test taking strategies. That's what I did 2 days before. Then nothing day before..did get a light massage tho which was awesome!

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