Name on the board of nursing website but it says license pending?

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    Took my boards yesterday I believe I got the good pop up! I checked the NJ board of nursing licensing website, my name is on there but it says pending , is this good news also? I'm praying!!

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    Once your application is processed it says pending, it means nothing other than you filed an application. NJ BoN takes 3-6 weeks to post licensing results. They take your application, transcripts, background check & NCLEX result and all applications are reviewed by board committee. ( one reason NJ participates in quick results). With impeding storms and the tendency for state of emergency declarations ( thus closing state offices) your wait may be closer to 6 weeks.

    Hurry up & wait is the hardest part. Once your license is posted you are licensed and do not need to wait for your letter stating you are licensed/license card to work as a licensed nurse as NJ employers of nurses are mandated to verify licenses electronically, via fax or via phone and not just accept a paper document as proof of licensing.
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    Aw man, thanks tho! Guess I have to wait until tomorrow and get the quick results thanks for your reply
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    Good luck.
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    Congrats in advance, esp. if you got the good pop up!

    Man, those Kaplan Qbank questions are no joke. (Referring to the other thread you posted). I'm scoring low and it's scaring me lol. Did you focus more on doing questions or on content? I know my main focus right now needs to be on content.
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    Ugh Kaplan questions are SO hard! With that being said I did go thru my Saunders book for content because honestly if you don't know the content there's no way you can understand the questions and after yesterday I was glad I did go over my content because the NCLEX was hard it wasn't what I expected
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    Samantha I feel your pain..I took my NCLEX-RN on 2/1/14 & got quick results PASS on 2/3/14, & now I wait for the license to be posted. I spoke to NJ Board of Nursing yesterday & I was told as mentioned earlier, 6-8 weeks. LOL! You would think in the 2014 electronic age, it should not take that long to post the license # on the website. However, I am cool with the wait, because I am a RN. Yes Yes & Yes.
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    It's not the physical act of posting the license but the BoN committee that physically meets to review & approve the application once complete with transcripts, background, and NCLEX result that takes so long. It takes 1-2weeks once approved &! License number issued for the letter to arrive via snail mail BUT once license is posted you can legally work as a nurse.
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    thanks justbeachynurse... glad you told me that, b/c I was not told that. well, I hope to see my name in 2 weeks.

    by the way, I love the beach.. thus I like your nick
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    Ohh so that's why it takes so long! A committee literally has to sit and approve everything! Sheesh I wish it didn't take so long! I also wish NJ was one of the states that let you practice as a student nurse, oh well what's a couple more weeks when we passed the test! Wahoooo

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