My NCLEX RN Experience

  1. Hi everyone, this forum site has been of great help for me...So Im telling myself to put my story about this exam
    About me: Im a foreign grad, graduated year BSN 2010. Applied my licensure for the first time here in New York City.

    I was working full time, While I was waiting for my application process already started reviewing at home but not that serious though coz i was thinking that I do still have time. When my application process finally done, and when I recieved my ATT, I scheduled the exam within 2 months..the month before my exam I ask for atleast 3 wks off from work because it is really hard for me to focus. So did self review, every morning I go to the library until it closes( but I have a couple of breaks). And during night I eat, watch movie and before I got to bed I memorize every once in a while. When I wake up I started to review content and memorize important topics. and go to the library again.

    I came in the testing center 1 hr early before my exam time LOL. I felt nervous inside but I managed to keep tellin myself "I can do this" and breath...I got around 30+ SATA questions, I was like OMG. but I tried my best to give the answer as best as i could. I got 3 ECG, 2 meds, and no calculation.I took the exam less than 2 hrs, and my computer shut off at 75. All I have in mind is to find a Bar where I could drink 10am in the morning LOL! and at the bar i checked PVT and got the good pop up! boom and I drink and drink and drink...
    My resources:
    1. Feuer Audio's (w/ study booklets and homework booklets) -this is my main resource esp for the content.
    2. Kaplan strat 2012-13 (only the questions esp the practice test)
    3. Kaplan QT 1-7 (around 60-70 % )
    4. Kaplan Qbank (for additional questions, Got 60-65%)
    5. PDA lacharity (got 55-65%)
    6. NCLEX 3500 ( some only)
    7. Saunders 5th edition (content and some questions)
    8. Google and youtube (my buddies if i dont understand the topic well :-))

    Now i saw my name and license number on BON website :-)
    Try to relax yourself during the exam, the day of the exam, tell yourself that youve done your part already in studying and think positive that you can.
    And dont forget to pray.
    Goodluck to ALL!
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  3. by   jpinay28
    Thank you for sharing ur experience.. Congrats to u ��
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    Good prep, I like ur techniques!
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    good job! congratulations! what topics did you usually encounter?
  8. by   Galapagos
    Congratulations schizo can you share study materials please this will be my third attempt thank you
  9. by   Galapagos
    I'm also a foreign grad. thanks
  10. by   CrazyCoconut
    Thanks schizo, this is a good guide for us incoming NCLEX-RN test takers!
  11. by   bluebonnet12
    Congratulations! I agree. Aside from books, google and youtube are best buddies!