My NCLEX Journey

  1. hello everyone. i have waited for this moment for so long and now i can finally say that at last, i am a registered nurse! yeeeyy!!

    first of all, i would like to thank all of you, you just don't know it yet, but you guys played a big part of my success in passing the nclex rn. thank you my all nurses family! knowing that other people are facing the same struggles, reading those stories of success, stories of failure and how one was able to get up, the process of how we prepared and the beauty of the hearts of some who share their resources and gives others encouraging words, it's so overwhelming and it's the best nclex support system!

    and now i'm paying it forward!:heartbeat

    some of you who followed my threads know that i failed the first time i took it.
    my study schedule on take 1:
    • library for 7 hours a day 5 days a week for 3 months
    • materials used:
      saunders comprehensive review read from front to cover, very well detailed, contains a lot of nursing topics you need to know for nclex and so much more, but in my opinion, it wasn't thoroughly explained, it's more on facts that requires memorization and it drained me.
      kaplan course book division and categories according to the breakdown of topic in ncsbn, good way to organize content, i believe its better than saunders, but lacks explanation and better understanding of diseases.
    • lippincott's q&a answered all questions in the book and saunders accompanying cd, questions are not like nclex style.
    • kaplan strategies 2011 very helpful in test taking strategies, must have
    • exam cram very brief info on diseases but a good way to brush up in content, finished in one day.
    • i stuck to my schedule, i worked so hard in accomplishing my daily goals on which chapters i have to finish reading and answered 4000q.
    • took a day off before the exam day

    my exam experience on take 1:
    • i was so nervous the night before, and the day itself, i vomited because of too much anxiety. i was so scared of failing.
    • wore comfortable clothes, jeans, and sneakers and brought a hoodie.
    • i was shocked with how many satas there are and priority questions, i was crying, all the questions are so hard for me and when it took its toll in me, i can't think properly, it was already so hard to concentrate.
    • i got all the way to 265 and i didn't expect that, i was so exhausted. i vomited again after my exam.
    • i knew i failed that test and when i checked the pvt, it was confirmed.
    • i prayed, but i never really believed in myself, i prayed to pass, but during my exam all i was thinking was i was gonna fail.

    my study schedule on take 2:
    • studied in the comfort of my home, 10pm to 3 or 4am 5 days a week. it was quiet, everyone's asleep.
    • wake up at 11am, *should always get enough sleep, allows body and mind to recharge* brunch and then go over my notes from 1pm to 4pm. watch tv shows have dinner from 5 to 10pm.
    • went lap swimming fridays at sherman oaks swimming pool
    • materials used:

    hurst review very beneficial, explained the whys behind the diseases, s&sx, but content wise it wasn't even half of what saunders has to offer. no lecture on pharm, asthma, parkinson's etc. a lot of diseases were not discussed. but again, i believe that what's included in that review is all that i need to know to pass. remember nclex is testing you as a brand new nurse, they don't expect you to know everything.
    pda by la charity good book, answered all the chapters. my scores are low though. but questions are very much like nclex.
    qtrainer finished all the qtrainers, questions like nclex, my scores are low.
    nclex 4000 twas okay, don't like the software very much, you can review your scores.
    hurst med surg book and hurst nclex rn review book i liked hurst so much that i borrowed these two books from the library. the med surg book is like the extended and expanded version of the review.
    kaplan course book went over the chapters that im weak at depending on my qtrainer results
    • watched avengers in imax sunday before my test
    • went over my notes and the an study guide here day before
    • the best thing i did differently this time, i prayed, i prayed all the time, everyday, i talked to god, i prayed for confidence to handle the pressure that i feel, the confidence to feel secure in my knowledge and preparation and the ability to keep an appropriate perspective on it all.

    my exam experience on take 2:
    • i was anxious 2 days before but you guys lifted my spirit, i believe it was god telling me to not be afraid. you see when you pray all the time, everything that happens in your life starts to have meaning, and when something outside of the ordinary happens to me, i believe that it was god talking to me. even in some certain lines in the tv shows that i watch, some really get to me and i know that was god's way of answering me.
    • i felt ready, prepared and confident despite my low scores i actually feel like i'm going to succeed.
    • i dressed nicely, like how i dress when i want to look good, when i know that i look pretty then i become more confident, i wore a nice top, skinny jeans, cute flats and brought a cardigan with me in case it gets cold.
    • after the tutorial, i prayed again, i'm thanking god because i do not feel anxious at all, i feel confident that im going to pass.
    • before i started the test, i wrote down all my favorite bible verses on the note pad and my normal labs
    • first few questions, i was really happy because i know how to answer them, i thought it was gonna stop at 75 but it didn't. then i got 150, im kinda getting tired already but i still feel confident i was gonna pass, i noticed that i was talking to god all through out the exam, and my notes were full of bible verses! haha. there are normal labs as well, on the sides.
    • when i got past 200 with 30 minutes times left, i told myself its okay, im just not consistent with my correct answers. remember, you have to be 95% correct for the computer to stop. i still believe i am gonna pass, god is with me so i didn't fear failing.
    • and when it stopped at 200 something i don't know which number,i knew it! i knew i passed! and im already thanking god!
    • tried the pvt and got the good pop up and today, quick results said i did pass! hallelujah!

    so the secret with passing? knowing the whys, and faith! i swear i wouldn't have done it if not for the lord! so i give him back all the glory and praises! god is amazing!

    for the resources that i have, all sendable files, i will send thru email, i will send it to anyone who asks for it.

    and guys, i am a procrastinator, i put off things a lot that's why i made sure i only have one month to study this time around so that i wouldn't think i have enough time to study. i didn't answer a lot of questions, less than 2000 probably, and i got low scores. but remember, a person who passes at 75 and passes at 265 gets the same license and employers have no way of knowing and wont ask you what number you stopped. so don't be too hard on yourselves perfecting everything, memorizing everything and studying all the diseases, cause as far as i know, i passed without knowing everything.

    and whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the lord jesus, giving thanks to god the father through him.

    [FONT=book antiqua]sorry for the long post!! feel free to ask me anything!! i will answer you guys.
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    Thank you! On the top right, click on start a topic now then click on new topic, you will be able to post your story thru that
    K thanx for bein my 1st friend on all nurses!!....and if u don't mind I will b askin u some questions
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    Wow . I remembered that your test was on Tuesday . So happy to hear that you passed.. Congratulations . I wish my fourth time will be lucky for me
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    Congratulations RN!
  8. by   chica_banana
    congratulations! i recently took the NCLEX and was unsuccessful. i will look into the books you used. thank you for sharing your journey..
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    congratulationss-gif and Thank you for sharing your story with us.
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    WTG!!! Congratulations
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    Congrats...VERY HAPPY 4 u
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    Well done!! God is good, all the time... I am truly happy for you. Welcome to the PROFESSION...wishing you all the best NURSE!
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    Congratulations )))))
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    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story.It really boosted my confidence level.
    Once agian congratulations!!!