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    Hi, So I graduated with my BSN about a year and a half ago and immediately found out I was pregnant. My husband and I decided I would stay at home until the baby was 6 months so I never registered to take the NCLEX or to get my license. Now I would like to become licensed and my question is am I going to have issues doing so since I am not a new graduate?

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    While I suspect it won't be a problem to sit for the exam, it's REALLY a question you have to direct to your State Board of Nursing. Contact them to be certain you're getting the correct answer.

    Good luck.
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    Possibly... different states have different rules about how long after graduating one can take NCLEX. Your bigger problem may be getting a "new grad" job when you've been out of school but not practicing nursing for a year and a half.
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    going to be a little blunt.....I can see not working, but why in heavens name did you wait to take the test??? Or perhaps this will sneak by an employer, and they will think you are a new grad....????
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