Kaplan scores and Nclex experience

  1. Hi Everyone,

    All nurses has helped me with my anxiety and craziness that I feel like I should do the same to people who were in my position going through this process once I passed my exam. I hope this relieves some of the anxiety you are experiencing.


    I graduated December 2012, took Kaplan a week after graduating. The in-class review was really helpful, teaching you a method how to answer questions correctly. After the course, I just answered 50-150 questions a day from the qbank from january to february till I finished all of them. I then did the Q trainers, which I felt horrible on because these were my scores:

    QT1 : 64
    QT2: 55
    QT3: 59
    QT4: 55
    QT5: 60
    QT6: 60
    QT7: 57

    Never got to magic 65, which the Kaplan instructor said to strive for with the qtrainers.

    *I forgot to do the Diagnostic test, but my Readiness score was 66. Qbank average 64.
    All I did for review was Kaplan, just answered questions and read the rationale. Once I finished all my qbanks, I re-took them all over again.*

    Testing Experience

    I got to pearsonvue about an hour early prior to testing. They did some finger and palm scans, put all my stuff in the locker, checked my pockets, cameras everywhere, then sat on my cubicle. The questions weren't as bad as Kaplan, it was actually easier than it, so I was happy with that. Question after question I took a deep breathes and try to keep focus. After 75 questions for 2.5 hours (yea I took my time), I started freaking out because my computer hasn't shut off!! 4 more questions later at 79, it shut off. I was kind off happy that I didn't have to sit for 3.5 more hours, but at the same time, I was a little scared that I failed.

    Once I got home I did the Pearsonvue Trick. Got the good pop up, was a little relieved, but still was a little anxious because it wasn't official just yet.

    Today, I found out I passed through the board's website!

    I hope this helps out relieve some of the anxiety you guys and gals are experiencing.

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  3. by   leanforward
    congrats, just took mine too, got the good pop up, hope this means I pass as well.
  4. by   davi000
    congratulations did you have ECG strip and how many SATA ?
  5. by   RN2BEESOON
  6. by   nalaa83
    Congrats! I feel confident now because I am taking Kaplan as well. Go celebrate!!
  7. by   Murse101
    Yea i probably had 2 ECG strips, 14 SATAs and a couple arrange in order qs