Kaplan QBank vs PDA book

  1. PDA= prioritization delegation assignment, book.

    I get the priority questions (who do you see first) right almost every single time in QBank, but the "who do you see first" questions in the PDA book are killing me. My test is a week away... uh... should I be concerned?
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  3. by   BolBol
    You can still practice more questions from PDA this week. I found it helpful for prioritization and SATA type questions. I had a lot of prioritization and SATA questions on the NCLEX (I took it March 4th & got the good pop up). I also had a few assignment/delegation questions.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Ella26
    I agree I was getting the Kaplan priority questions right, then I thought I wasnt prepared enough because I wasnt getting them right in the PDA book. I think the PDA book is more difficult, or at least Id like to think it is lol... Keep at it. I used Kaplan content, Kaplan, q bank and trainers, Saunder's yellow book, their cd questions and PDA. And I passed NLCEX-RN for the first try last month with 75 questions. I also only studied saunders comprehensive- the green book for my LPN and passed that the first time with 85 questions.