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hey guys, i've started practicing kaplan qtrainer and qbank; and i'm not yet reaching the desired 60%..does anyone here passed nclex without reaching the 60% :confused: q trainer 1,2,3,4 = 48-55%... Read More

  1. by   ladside
    Quote from pitaya
    I'm also wondering where I stand with my scores! I am taking my NCLEX in 3 days and I'm getting scared. I'm doing content review with the Hurst Review online videos. I've done a total of 4,658 questions with Kaplan, Saunders, and NCLEX 4000. I've read a few chapters in Kaplan and Saunders to review but reading just makes me sleepy lately so videos and questions seem better, but I'm kind of worried that I should have read everything! Does anyone have any advice for my last few days of review?

    My Kaplan scores are as follows:

    QTrainer 1: 69%
    QTrainer 2: 75%
    QTrainer 3: 53%
    QTrainer 4: 61%
    QTrainer 5: 62%
    QTrainer 6: 67%
    QTrainer 7: 65%

    Diagnostic: 70%
    Readiness: 62%

    Qbank: 56% (Seems really low, but I'd like to think it's because I did all of these questions before my last semester of nursing school and before the Kaplan review course.)
    My advice to you is to NOT review anymore. You are not going to learn anything new at this late date. There are sooo many medical questions that they could possibly ask and there is no way to pinpoint which 265 they will select for you or which 75 will make or break you. So, go to a gym or a spa, pamper yourself in some fashion and pat yourself on the back because you've already done the hard part....NURSING SCHOOL!Based on your scores, the only thing that is standing in your way of success on the NCLEX is YOU, by not being relaxed for your exam. Good luck!!
  2. by   Meredith09
    I agree with all of the above posts! Kaplan wants you to aim for 60% on all Qbank questions; you're doing just fine. I practiced those questions ad nauseum and it was the best prep ever. Took NCLEX just a few days ago and passed in 75 questions. Seriously, I thought NCLEX was easier than Kaplan questions! Don't overdo it--stop studying two days before the exam, take yourself out to dinner, a movie the night before or whatever you need to do to relax. It's magic, I swear! You'll do great :-)
  3. by   Angel_joyz03
    What is the difference between qbank and qtrainer? I'm looking into buying the qbank