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  1. Hey guys,
    My exam is in 12 DAYS :heartbeat

    For those who have used the kaplan course....Could you pls let me know what you think about my scores. FOR THOSE WHO USED KAPLAN REVIEW COURSE HOW WERE YOUR SCORES & WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE?????

    Diagnostic test--- 61
    Readiness test--- 66
    Q Trainer 1------ 60
    Q Trainer 2------ 65
    Q Trainer 3------ 55
    Q Trainer 4------ 58
    Q Trainer 5------62

    Im going to take Q trainer 6 on thursday & Q Trainer 7 on monday.

    I've completed 40% of the Q bank & my score is 60. I intend to finish it 100% between now & April 21.

    How do guys think im doing? I'll be taking nclex rn for the 2nd time.

    Im also using the PDA book...

    Thanks.... Apppreciate your comments & advice.
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  3. by   chi80
    I think you are ready for your test. I also took nclex last month (2nd attempt) & i passed! If i can do it, you can do it.Don't doubt yourself & don't allow fear to come in to you. Believe in yourself & u will excel.Will be praying for you.
  4. by   aishaj10
    @Chi80 Thanks a lot. I pray God grants me unmeritted favor & see me thru successfully. Thanks for the prayers...will greatly appreciate it.

    what did u use to study or do differnet for the 2nd time around???
  5. by   clueless28
    not able to send you a reply back it says your mail box is full.
  6. by   aishaj10
    @clueless28 i just erased some of my messages
  7. by   chi80
    I used Saunder 5th Edition, Lacharity's PDA & Kaplan.I did 200q everyday. 100 in the morning, 100 @ night. A month to my test date, I increased it to 150-200 in the morning & same in the night. But all I can say is do what works for you.The 1st time i took it was Jan 28th, i used only ATI book(my school used it) & I was filled with so much fear & lost confidence in myself. But the 2nd time around (March 31st), i prayed, read & believed in myself & God did the rest for me.Go in there & do your best. All u need is in your brain u just have to tap into it always believe that u will succeed.Good luck to you!!
  8. by   nurseforChrist
    hey aisha...i am supposed to graduate in may
    would you answer a few questions regarding the readiness ... thanks
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  9. by   Lauryen828
    Hi aisha,

    I saw your message in my inbox but the system would not allow me to reply. I just wanted to say thank you for the Congrats on passing the NCLEX I appreciate it. I feel your Kaplan scores are fine they are around what mine were. My key was just practicing question after question and reviewing all rationales even if I got the question right.

    Also I prayed and gave it all to God. He will not let you down. Be confident, stay focused and put your trust in the Lord, but you also have to trust yourself. Do not over think the questions. Review as many questions and rationales as you can but don't stress yourself. I just prayed for ypou before responding and I will continue to pray for you. Please keep me posted! I am excited for you.

  10. by   Tashy Mary Kay
    Your scores are good. you are on track.
  11. by   MaryDeeLVN
    Is the Q Trainer for RN students or LVN???
    Ive been taking Kaplan review also and Ive been doing the Qbank questions ranging from 58%-80%... dont know if this helps

  12. by   aishaj10
    Thanks guys. @TashyMaryKay
    @MaryDeeLVN The one im doing is for RN. I know theres one for LVN as well.

    I did Q TRAINER 6 & GOT 60%.

  13. by   MaryDeeLVN
    I know how u feel i have 6 more days =/ ... goood luckkk i reallyyy wish you and everyone here the best!!! we all have come this far we cant let oneeee test defeat us all i can say is PRAY!! -Mary
  14. by   aishaj10
    @marydeelvn 4 more dys for you Are you ready????