So on 4/5/13 i took NCLEX for the first time and failed. I had only 75 questions...i was extremely nervous and anxious and i didnt take my time. I let the anxiety get the best of me and so i did... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Neddie
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    Hi I too took nclex today April 9 and screen went to cc page. i had about130 questions but still hoping that I get that false neg and still see pass on there in the next 48 hrs. I feel soo down and sad. But if it is what it is, all I can do now is study harder. Just wanted to let u know that you are not alone. I will be an RN!
    Yes you will be an rn !!!!!!
  2. by   Nurse_AR415
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    Yes you will be an rn !!!!!!
    Thank u very much! You too!
  3. by   Happy_RN123
    I have not taken the NCLEX yet, but I have been studying, and this section of allnurses has a lot of information on. I personally have found it helpful. I also have been using Kaplan and saunders
  4. by   krz_tsingtsay
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    Also, download NCLEX 3500 for free. Those questions really helped me. Especially for SATA questions. You'll pass next time. Stay positive, have faith and believe in yourself!!!
    where can i download NCLEX 3500 for free? help! thanks!
  5. by   Notgivingup12
    Did you try NCSBN ? I did the 3 week course and i loved it ..i would recommend it to anyone
  6. by   chokyali
    you can download it from the appstore for free and its very helpful
  7. by   RNsRWe
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    you can download it from the appstore for free and its very helpful
    quick note: the person you're responding to posted this question nearly 15 months ago....I'd have to assume he's found his answer by now.