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Tried the PVT and followed the directions but when it came to the yes no questions do you select no that you haven't taken NCLEX before? Cuz that's what I did and got the good pop up. Did I do it... Read More

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    Quote from hillarybrewer

    You did it right! I took NCLEX Saturday and I did the PVT maybe 15-20 minutes out of the testing room. I got the good pop up. This morning my name was on my states dept of health website! And I'm an RN. sounds like you are too! Congratulations!!

    Edit: I also answered No that I hadn't taken NCLEX before

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    Same here, I did it both ways and both times I got the good pop up! Found out today I passed as well! It does really work. Believe me I didnt want to believe in it at all either. Congrats!
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