Just took the nclex today does the pearson Vue trick work?? - page 3

Ook so i took my nclex PN test today at 10:00 this morning and it stopped at 85. It was pretty much all meds, pt. teaching about meds, and I swear I had about 50 multiple choice probably 5 put in order for procedures, and then... Read More

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    Vn won't show up until you pay the 175

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    O haha that makes sense they were very hard I can't even explain it really but if you know your pt teaching and meds and side effects therapeutic effects you will be fine
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    I have seen where people get the bad pop up but in actuality, they have passed. I took my NCLEX-RN exam for the first time this morning and got the good pop up. Finished in 75 questions but it was HARD so it seems too good to be true. Has anyone come across any posts where people get the good pop up but had actually failed?

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