Just took NCLEX-RN...and UWorld

  1. Hey all!

    I just took my NCLEX this morning at 8am. I completed 75 questions and then the test ended. My main focus for posting is to rave about how much UWorld helped me! (No, I'm not getting paid to advertise either! Just a broke graduate who can't afford to retest in 45 more days!) I have no idea whether I passed or not. Hands-down this was the hardest exam I've taken in my life...as it should be. I mean, our goal is public safety, right? I think the most challenging aspect was the sheer volume of select all that apply format questions. It was very discouraging during the exam, and at many points I wanted to do a combination of crying, hyperventilating and passing out. I did my best to remain calm, but we all know sata is the worst! I had no clue as to whether these were passing level or not...I'd assume they were as they were difficult. The only thing that saved me (my sanity...again, unsure of test results!) was UWorld. Their rationale content is priceless. Literally. I'd pay double the amount for Kaplan just to have UWorld. Granted, to be fair to Kaplan the decision tree helped a lot too! But as far as their q bank, meh, not so much. Not in comparison to UWorld anyways. Study wise, I spent about 87% of my time and energy on Uworld and 10% on Kaplan...the other 3%??? I probably cried or wallowed in self-pity under the pressure if I'm being honest lol. I know you're curious because I googled it repeatedly too. My percentage overall for roughly 1200 q's was 62%. My two assessments were (1) 90% and "very high chance of passing" and (2) 87% and "very high chance of passing." Do NOT let percentages fool you!!! YOU MUST INVEST THE TIME AND EFFORT INTO READING AND UNDERSTANDING EACH AND EVERY SINGLE RATIONALE REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU ANSWERED THE QUESTION!! I did various quizzes at 5 q's each all the way to 75 q's. It just depended on the amount of time I had (in carpool line) and if I just really wanted an accurate depiction of my percentile/average. Some nights I'd do a 10 q's quiz until I got 80% just to boost my confidence. Regardless, it ALL comes down to whether you will take the time to read the rationales!

    The only other thing I can promise is that I will come back here and let you all know whether I passed or not. At this point, I don't have an inclination either way. I felt instant relief when that computer shut off, followed by an extreme sense of "wait! wait! idk! I don't think you know that I can pass this!!!" panic. I cannot say that the questions were "easier" on the NCLEX. There's no blueprint or peeking at what's coming next with each question...it's a beast in and of itself. However, had it not been for UWorld, I don't believe I'd know half of the knowledge to even begin to critically analyze and assess the question and how each answer did or did not relate to it.

    Good luck! Put up a good fight and put in the time!
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  3. by   nadu13
    Sounds like you PASS!!!! Keep us posted
  4. by   omotee
    Good write up,u have really inspired me.
  5. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Hope you passed!!