Just took my NCLEX-PN today

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    and I'm just so so so scared.

    It was just so scary.

    The computer shut off at 85-- which is minimum. And I just felt like... UGHHH OMG. Like I felt like I didn't know as much as I needed to, and just was taking my best guess at all of them. I mean, I guess there were only a few that I really REALLY had no clue on, but there were also very few that I was 100% sure on, too. Just so scared, sick to my stomach.

    I tried that supposed Pearson Vue trick to find out early, and got the "good" popup, but I just feel like that's not like a guarantee.

    Just a whirlwind of emotions-- I want SO MUCH for that silly trick to be right, but I also don't want to get my hopes up and be HEARTBROKEN when I find out for sure.

    AUUUUGHHH somone console me.
    How did you guys feel about your test afterwards?
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    I think it's a better sign than not to get cut off on the minimum. I think if you answer wrong in certain subjects they add more questions. I hope that helps ease you nerves a little bit...
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    I took NCLEX-PN on Saturday and also got cut off at 85 questions. I got the good pop up and I passed
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    It sounds like you passed to me. I really hope you did. I cant wait to get my test over with April 8th!!!
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    Any study material you would like to share? I'm taking my pn exam next month
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    I got the good pop up and passed too. Congratulations Nurse!!!!
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    Quote from syalissa
    Any study material you would like to share? I'm taking my pn exam next month
    I used ATI books that I got in school, and a Kaplan strategy guide. And my notes, and drug notecards I had made through school.

    Good luck to you
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    I also have the ati books but I feel like there is so much info to study so I decided not I use it as a form of my study! Thanks though :-)
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    Guys!! I PASSED!!!!!!
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