Just took my NCLEX-PN today - page 2

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and I'm just so so so scared. It was just so scary. The computer shut off at 85-- which is minimum. And I just felt like... UGHHH OMG. Like I felt like I didn't know as much as I needed to, and just was taking my best guess... Read More

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    Quote from syalissa
    I also have the ati books but I feel like there is so much info to study so I decided not I use it as a form of my study! Thanks though :-)

    took my PN exam last month out of school for 8 yrs.the only book I used were nclex exam prep.book and kaplan strategies.got the good up.and just waiting for the official result.it was my first take.
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    Congrats! It feels good when I read posts saying they got the good pop-up.. I wish one day I would too.

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