Just took exam and PV pop-up with....

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    "The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time."
    I have no clue if I pass or not. I probably need to wait longer. i did the PV trick 1 hour after finishing exam.
    Last edit by robert2010 on Jun 22, '10

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    I did the PV again and I got this: "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."
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    I think you passed! How'd the test go for you?
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    I think you should start thinking about calling your friends and having a party...congratulations...

    (this pop up is what's left from your account with PearsonVue....nothing!)
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    This is the way I studied:
    1. I studied for 1 month and a week
    2. Hurst review (live) just before I finished school to pass HESI.
    3. Feuer Review and Feuer Review Pharmacology in AUDIO for my Ipod that I got from friend.
    4. Kaplan Review in center, I asked “who is the most requested/excellent instructor?”, and I took her! (in Houston-Janice De Falco)
    5. Lots of Qbank questions from Kaplan, Kaplan sharpens your critical thinking skills and tested what I learned from Hurst and Feuer (Hurst and Feuer are CONTENT based) Kaplan teaches you how to answer questions.
    6. Studied on my own.
    7. I studied 5 days/week, 5 hours a day only, the 2 days I worked I didn’t study and restaurant/movies 2x a week.
    8. No alcohol/partying or friends, NO NO NO!
    9. When I listened to Feuer, I took notes!
    10. I am relieved now after I saw the good pop-up on PV website!
    11. I lit up a "Saint Joseph" candle and prayed! it worked!
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    you passed!!!
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    that means you passed buddy!!! let us know when u get the results
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    I got 5 SATA questions, 5 Pharm, 2 drug calculation, Infection control (herpes zoster, MRSA, etc and the precautions, droplet, airborn, etc) nutrition, thyroid storm, parathyroid. one DM question
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    Robert2010 Can u please give me your input??

    What are your thoughts on PPE for droplet and airborne precautions? There are several different theories, But what do you think NCLEX would want? For droplet and airborne do you also wear a gown and gloves or do you just wear the mask and the n95? Some say just to wear the mask or the respirator? Please help i take the exam on monday!THANKS
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    Quote from robert2010
    I got 5 SATA questions, 5 Pharm, 2 drug calculation
    For the 2 drug calculations, did NCLEX specify if they wanted you to round your answers (or how to)? Just wondering because on Kaplan q-bank they do not specify.

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