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Just Got My ATT again for the third time - page 2

I just got my ATT today again for the third time:( I took the nclex-RN this past Jan and in March.. The first time I only used Kaplan the second time hurst,Kaplan, and Saunders..oh and PDA la... Read More

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    Quote from NursieDP

    Good luck! Just try to remember you made it through school and that is no easy task so you CAN pass that silly test.
    Thank you I will not give up this is want I want and I will get it!!
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    Go mobile. Apps allow you to study anytime. I love using them to learn (not just nursing) everywhere i go. Plus, the technical capabilities blow textbooks out of the water. No contest
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    Any suggestions? There seems to be a lot of them
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    I agree with ianursing22. I like NCLEX mastery (fairly new, but easy to use and great questions) & NCBSN (good questions, app is decent at best though).
    NCLEX mastery is new but superior by far. Ive been waiting for a good app for some time, thank good someone out there can make an app
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    hello OP. Did you pass then NCLEX-RN with remar review?
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    hi.. i'm right there with you i just took my nclex today for the second time and i think i failed bc i did not get the good pop up on pearson vue.com.. did you pass your third time?!?!
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    Don't lose hope! ... You will get it! ... I am also going for my third try and I will do all my best, and my everything to pass this monster exam, I also have problems when I get nervous - it literally makes me blank and I can't think straight although I know the answer ...
    I am also afraid like you but hey! ... who knows 3 is our lucky number!.. i will pray for you that you will pass