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Hi everyone! Any January 2018 test takers? I took mine yesterday from 2pm-7pm. I'm pretty sure I bombed. I did not feel confident, had a headache halfway through, and walked out of there feeling... Read More

  1. by   Cecille Llagas
    Did you applied for a retake already?
  2. by   Victoria198
    Yes I did! I passed! I found out 4 weeks after my test date, the women I spoke with at the BON was really sweet and helpful, and she found that my results were misplaced (even though I called twice before to make sure they received my test results from pearson and that my file was in order).


    I may not be 100% accurate, but these are things I came to find....

    1. The pvt trick works; as long as you wait at least 24 hours, or if you received a confirmation email from pearson vue (saying that they know you took the exam).

    2. When doing the pvt, I put in all my credit card information, BUT I PUT IN THE WRONG EXPIRATION DATE. By doing this, you still can get the good pop up or bad pop up, and don't risk paying for the exam. I read probably every single message board out there, and noone gets the good pop up on accident, unless they tried it before 24 hours/ or they didn't receive the confirmation email from pearson before they tried the pvt. The odds the pvt trick will work for you are UP THERE
    -the good pop up goes something like this, "you are already registered for this exam, you can not sign up for this exam at this time" (not word for word).
    - the bad pop up, will inform you that your credit card information entered is wrong.

    3. If your Breeze profile page says "pending" that's a good thing. They are still processing your results. While I was waiting for my results, I still had the option to "retake exam" as one of the scroll down options on my Breeze profile, so don't worry about things like that, just wait for your license number to show up (I know, easier said then done).

    4. Because of the way NCLEX is graded, it really doesn't matter if you got the last question wrong (I know it sounds wierd, but if you watch the videos pearson vue provides on their website, you will see what I mean). The questions will get harder everytime you get one right, and easier when you get them wrong. So let's say you keep getting questions right, you will take yourself farther above standard, so if even if you got the last question wrong, you still may be above the standard that the NCLEX wants.

    5. Waiting for the results, gave me the worst anticipatory anxiety. No matter how strong we think nursing school made us, waiting for the BON to release the results is just plain torture....SO KEEP BUSY, go for a hike, treat yourself and celebrate that you even took the exam! After a week of checking the BON about 10 times a day for results...I promised myself I would only check the BON once in the AM, and then once in the afternoon...doing this might help your sanity too lol.

    6. According to most of the boards, and to several of the students I know; if you failed the exam, you receive a failure notice in the mail in less than a week, some say within 2 bussiness days.

    7. If you pass, you receive a certificate in the mail (no more license cards, what's up with that!?). However, most everyone I know, including myself, did not receive the certificate until 1-2 weeks after the license number appeared on the BON. Also, you do not receive an email or anything once your license number is posted on the BON, just FYI because I was also checking my email daily. Just keep checking your Breeze account and/or searching your name on the site.


    1. Hurst Review practice exams were on point. The study material is great, you just have to memmorize the text they provide you; WORD FOR WORD.

    2. I used uworld as well, and the practice questions and rational were great preparation. UWORLD HAD GREAT PRIORITY QUESTIONS. I would suggest purchasing Uworld based on thier priority questions alone. It's pricey concidering you don't even get to keep the material, but in comparison with paying for a second exam it's well worth it.

    2. After reading message boards and hearing comments from others....everyone seems to get different types of questions and in different amounts, i.e. one person gets 5 SATA and another person gets 40 SATA (and both still passed). It doesn't appear that you can judge how well you are doing, based on the types and amount of qs you receive. Just try not to think about this sort of thing during the exam because your test is going to be different from everyone else's. The Pearson vue website describes how the exam is graded; if your exam is cut off at a certain number, if you had to finish ALL the questions, or if you ran out of time.

    3. When I answered each question, I kept the ABC's in mind, PLEASE PLEASE follow the link I am attaching, this guide was the key to getting each NCLEX practice question correct for me!

    How to Answer NCLEX Priority Questions (it's easier than you think)

    4. There are also alot of great apps for free (best one for andriod; NCLEX-RN ULTIMATE V1.4). Uworld also has an app which you can use once you purchase a subscription, came in handy when studying on the go.

    Good luck everyone, I hope this random information helps. I spent one grueling month reading all of this from different message boards...so I hope this gets to those who need it in a timely manner!
  3. by   ashleychristensen
    Can you please send me the Mark Klimek audio files? I'm retaking my NCLEX for the third time soon and could really use the extra help. Thank you!

  4. by   Isabelle49
    Imagine this: 32 years ago we sat for 2 days to take the board exam. It was a pencil and paper test where you colored in the dots to the correct answers!!! Just think what the outcome would be if one of the dots was skipped and all the rest of your answers could be wrong because of this. Don't stress, it's just a test like all the others you have taken to get this far. Relax, read the questions slowly and carefully. You can do it and you can pass!!!
  5. by   NurseMom277
    Hi Everyone!

    I just took my NCLEX RN and passed with 98 questions in 2 hours. I had 21 SATA and 1 math question. I believe the test went really well. To prepare, I used U World and loved it. I did all of the questions, and whenever I got questions incorrect, I would just do them all again the next day. I studied from the Saunders book as well, and read the entire book from cover to cover, and did the questions inside. I felt really prepared for the exam, and am extremely thankful that I passed.
  6. by   julsca
    Hey there, I felt almost the same.

    I pretty much had a breakdown in my car and just did not leave the parking lot till midnight.

    I went up to 230 and it cut me off. I searched the DCA for my name and checked breeze yet found nothing. I handled it really bad. I did the PVT too. I noticed most people who passed recieved their information within 2 weeks or they found their name in the DCA. I am from california btw.

    If you passed awesome and if not keep your head up. Yes distract yourself but also prepare yourself.
  7. by   edvtavares
    Hi can you send me the audio lecture of mark klemik pls..edviovicente@gmail.com
  8. by   edvtavares
    Hi Can you send me the audio lecture of Mike Klimek pls edviovicente@gmail.com.Thank yo