In your opinion, how difficult are NCLEX SATA questions?

  1. I'll be taking my boards in under two weeks. I'm comfortable with all question formats except the flippin' SATAs. I'm starting to tear myself up over these because I just flat out suck at answering them.

    Currently I've been doing Kaplan and questions out of a Lippincott book that just has alternate format questions.

    How many SATAs did you have on your exam, and how difficult would you rate them as being? Any tips for getting my butt in gear to pass "The Beast" in a few weeks??
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  3. by   Zazak
    Hi I had alot of SATA in my exam it's really hard, I think that's why I didn't pAss((( I am doing a lots of SATA from Ann Hogan and Lippincott q&a 2010 hopefully that will help this time to pass, I get stressed when I am doing wrong in SATA !!! but we need to think that's the wey to pass the NCLEX! we have to be very good on SATA if we want to pass. And think positive if people pass this exam, that's mean it's possible to pass ))) Good Luck ....
  4. by   RuC2010
    [FONT=comic sans ms]what is SATA??
  5. by   Zazak
    Select all that apply
  6. by   leinasmom
    Everyone get's different levels of questions bases on how they are preforming...the better you are doing..the harder the questions get, until you start getting some wrong, then it starts all over again..until it has enough info to say with a high degree of certainty you pass or fail.. I got a lot and they were "easy" to me.. I passed my PN-NCLEX with 85 the first try. I used the saunder's book with the green cover and i did 1000 question over 4 days from nclex 3000.. good luck..have faith and take your is an entry level exam..they don't expect us to know what people already working know..
  7. by   albsRN
    I had 25 SATA questions and passed in 75 questions. A bunch of my friends said they had about the same amount. For a few weeks leading up to NCLEX I did a minimum of 50 multiple choice q's plus a quiz of 20 SATA's per day. I used Kaplan and NCLEX 4000. Kaplan is a bit harder than NLCEX I think so I recommend it to make the real test seem easier

    My advice for the SATA's is to take each answer one at a time, consider it, and if you think it's a valid answer, check it off. Don't get caught up thinking about all the answers at once. Once you decide on an answer, do NOT change it unless you think of a concrete reason why it can't be correct. Also, whenever you get a SATA wrong, look at the rationale behind each answer and study up on that topic a bit. Who knows, you might get a similar question on the real test!
  8. by   NurseB_
    I'm taking my test in a week and I feel the exact same way as the OP. I have been studying Kaplan and have been doing pretty decent. I have made a 63% on QTrainer 6 and a 61% on QTrainer 7, which is said to be very good. I'm just so nervous about the SATA questions. I haven't had a chance to practice them much since Kaplan only has a few of them and all throughout school I SUCKED at them. I just don't want to fail the test because I don't know how to answer SATA questions. I get so nervous when I hear people say that they got over 20 SATA questions. Any other suggestions? Hopefully they will be among the 15 test questions that don't count on the NCLEX!
  9. by   jeuulnie
    i had about 20 SATA out of 75 questions...
  10. by   NurseB_
    Out of those did you find them hard or doable? Ant suggestions on how to approach those types of questions?
  11. by   Schizoh
    how difficult is it? it's like eating marshmallows with lots of thumbtacks on it. lol
  12. by   jeuulnie
    I thought it was hard. I mean, i wasnt always 100% sure about is this one right also? no? yes? i was staring at least one of the answer choices for like 5 minutes... and just horrible horrble!!!! Try to reason your answers!! To me Kaplan helped with reasonings!! I just found out few min ago i passed!!!! officially!!! you guys can do it too!!!!!
  13. by   sprintin2012
    I also had about 20-25 SATA's in 75 questions. About half of them I felt confident I knew, but the other half I felt like I was just blindly guessing. What helped me most was I practiced ONLY SATA's the two days before the test. I was terrible at SATA's as well and freaked whenever I saw one. After all the practice, I was definitely more calm answering them and felt so much more confident. Whenever I got a SATA on nclex I was actually happy because I was thinking it meant I was doing well. Thinking of each one as true or false is helpful too! And I think it's safe that in the majority of questions, if you have 5 choices, 3 of them will probably be correct answers!
  14. by   pockunit
    I had 26/75. Not. fun.

    Look at them as a series of true/false questions and they're a lot easier to tackle.