Im testing in 4 days!!!! What should i do?!!! Im testing in 4 days!!!! What should i do?!!! | allnurses

Im testing in 4 days!!!! What should i do?!!!

  1. 0 I have used Saunders and Kaplan (from a friends account)... My qbank scores are as follows
    Q4: 59
    Q5: 61
    Q6: 73
    I plan on taking qbank 7 on Tuesday as my final practice test I don't want to do anything in Wednesday but relax... I'm most worried about sata problems because I not that great at those... Ugh I'm so nervous everyone from my class passed so far but I'm still nervous!!!
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    take the test like you would take the nclex...go to the quietest place you can, do what you can with what you've learned because in the end its you that did the prepreation.
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    my tip is for you to just practice questions and learn your lab values and normal vitals. Plus do you have PDA by lachrity? if yes, keep going over that because NCLEX is a lot of priority. Also learn your math because you just don't know what or if they will give you a math question.
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    Hi, I would say NCLEX Exam format and types of question is similar to Kaplan......just answer the questions just like you would answer Kaplan questions.....don't change your way of answering them. Kaplan helped me very much with the exam.......try and think why you picked the answer and verify with yourself before you lock really requires critical thinking, so I would suggest not to will be fine.
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    Thanks guys I took the sample 3 exam that's is all priority and got a 83% on it so I feel comfortable on that subject... I'm just really scared but I'm leaving it in gods hands!!! He will see me through!!